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Fun as in fun, or fun as in...fun?
Fun fun funity fun fun?

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Wait, who are you again?

Sorry, it's just, 30-something posts really aren't enough to establish a memorable online presence.

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Must be something in the stars. I was recently called back myself. I just woke up one day after not being here for a while and something said "You must go to TypoC" and I was like "but why?" and it was like "JUST DO AS I SAY FOOLISH HOOMAN or I'll constantly remind you until you get sick of it and do it anyway"
Yeah, I dunno how I actually got here, to be honest. I think it was by accident. Or curiosity. Or accidental curiosity. Well, anyway, I told myself not to come on here everyday, or I'll end up addicted to this site.

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It ain't easy being cheesy.
Nope, not all. Especially when you melt on bread. That parts sucks the most, Pal.

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what the fuck

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Yeah, probably. Btw, cool username. And an ISTJ? Wow.