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    Default Is this a case of Ni/Se vs. Ne/Si?

    So this video is an analysis contrasting the animes Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, a comparison all too often made. A point made by the analyst stresses that while these shows seemed to pioneer their own niche in genre (the "Stupid but Effectve" category as it is often called), the narrative styles are mirrors of each other: Gurren is described as having one single subjective "viewpoint" and projecting your "vision" of things across a physical world as your journey progresses (possibly Ni/Se), while Kill is described as tying up multiple outside "viewpoints"/themes and grounding them in one uniting "arena" (Ne/Si).

    Would you call this an accurate tie-in to cognitive functions?

    If you don't understand, watch the vid.

    You can tell I've been watching Kill la Kill.
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