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    Default Arcade Mahjong: Please Explain

    How do you know which tiles can be matched with other? I don't quite get why some of them go and some don't work. I get that you have to match the "rows" but what does that mean?!
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    I haven't played mahjong for several time, but, of what I remember, the tiles have to have at least two free sides.

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    She's referring to the MahJong Connect in the arcade here, which is quite different than standard MahJong Solitaire.

    Yeah, it took me a bit to figure out what the legal matches rule was, too. If you watch the way the lines connect when you do get a match, you start to get the idea. It's something to the effect that the connecting line can't take more than two turns, iirc.
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    Mahjong Connect? Well the tiles have to be identical. There's 3 ways you can match up the tiles.

    1. They are adjacent. (not diagonal)
    2. They are on an outside row or column together.
    3. You can draw a "line" between them through empty space using 2 or fewer right angles.

    I have no idea why/how the hints work. (They turn on and off in availability.)

    Good luck!

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