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    Already February?

    1. Get to the advanced level in learning German. x
    2. Apply and be accepted to a PhD degree program. ~
    3. Trek snowdon mountain in wales. x

    4. Keep up sleeping schedule. good
    5. Finish development of an iOS app. x
    6. Continue dance lessons. x
    7. 2 week travel around Europe. (possibly visit america?) x

    8. Establish new anchor friend. ~
    9. New home redesign. ~
    10. Get a part time job. ~

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    Goals never help me. I don't do things unless I am sure I want to. Once I am sure I want it, then it will happen somehow.

    What my inspirations are for any moment in time, I hope to follow them no matter what year, day, or time it is.
    You are so arbitrary.

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