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    I don't usually make them, but I'm at a place where I need to set some goals, so. Mine are pretty mundane:

    • get up before 7 every day
    • stay organized, keep room clean
    • no late work
    • 4.0
    • take a long walk every day
    • see nutritionist
    • get license
    • read more
    • be more social
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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    Hm I have no idea...
    Aha, lots of choice and thought gromit. I'm sure there are a couple of interesting things for thought.

    What will you work on @Oaky?
    Might have left some out due to forgetfulness but for now,

    For the year 2015:

    1. Get to the advanced level in learning German.
    2. Apply and be accepted to a PhD degree program.
    3. Trek snowdon mountain in wales.
    4. Keep up sleeping schedule.
    5. Finish development of an iOS app.
    6. Continue dance lessons.
    7. 2 week travel around Europe. (possibly visit america?)
    8. Establish new anchor friend.
    9. New home redesign.
    10. Get a part time job.

    most of all:

    I'd just wish for some relaxing peace. 2014's been a mentally hectic year... wish for 2015 to be mentally smooth and sweet.

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    Don't get shot in the face.

    I'm a simple man.

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    I will publish a poem, build a website, and complete a certification course.
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    I tend to feel a bit of the same as AGA on this, here, as far as deadlines go. They're relative. It can be motivating for some, & intimidating/upsetting for others. It really depends.

    I'm future-oriented by nature. I live in possibility. Dreams in my head have always been the ultimate life goals for me. I'd set lots of deadlines to work toward those dreams, and that was effective, for awhile. Most of my life, perhaps. Check off the box on the mental laundry list. Stopped working, though. Or, was no longer applicable to my own life circumstances. But I guess I've felt that way since my own health problems repeatedly altered my short and long-term plans. Led to feeling pretty hopeless. Like I was incapable of achieving anything. I never let go of the drive to chase down & realize my dreams, but they certainly felt so much farther away. Felt so tired. Every letdown or setback was devastating. Heavy.

    Small goals... day-to-day goals, renewed my sense of purpose over time. Just that 5% each day that I could feel like I DID something. I felt accomplished if I could make it to the post office or pack up more of my things. If I made it to a friend's or just forced myself to go for a walk, do things I once enjoyed. Some people have to reach smaller goals- sort of retrospectively. See the goals once they've been met. Accept fluidity. Cumulatively, it can make the longterm, big-picture goals feel more plausible. Actually put you within reach. And a solid deadline for those life goals isn't necessary. Just that 5%, every day, increasing that %, exponentially. Not letting go. I think that can be more useful for some people than hard deadlines when it comes to making one's life aspirations a reality.

    If that makes sense.
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    Ok I thought of two things.

    Consistently get more sleep. 8-8.5 hours. I probably currently average around 7-7.5. So, not bad, but days with less than that are pretty rough. Especially the first part of the day...

    And I want to do more good things for other people when it's within my capacity to do so. I'm going to be helping with ESL for refugees starting in January. I think after I do that for a few weeks, see if further opportunities present themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambling View Post
    I'm going to have a Word of the Year, not a resolution. I've done it for the last couple of years since someone suggested the idea to me, and it's much easier on the mind than having to achieve an ideal. It's more that I will choose a word and somehow that word comes to mind and becomes guides and builds my character formation, I think.
    I quite like this idea. I have trouble accomplishing goals (or, rather, feeling like I have accomplished them) that are too much like an overarching ideal of how I should be without clear markers of success. I think my theme word for 2015 is "engage." Although in many ways 2014 was a successful year for me, I still felt like I spent a lot of it mentally checked out of life and generally disengaged from what gives my life meaning.

    Smaller goals include:
    1. Visit my grandmother every week
    2. Write and publish a children's book to mail to my niece
    3. Join a new yoga studio
    4. Plan and book travel overseas
    5. Continue work on applications for graduate courses
    6. Apply for internships/volunteering related to area of graduate study
    7. Join club/society at uni
    8. Go for a beach walk every most days
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    Default 2015 New Years Resolutions!

    This year:

    Attempt to work my way up to regularly running 3 miles
    Find time to work out at least 3 times a week, but try to reach for 6 days a week
    Stretch at least 4 times a week for my physical therapy on my hips
    Be on my feet more during sedentary days, and stretch/relax my legs and hips during long clinical days
    Make all my doctor appointments and keep up with that maintenance stuff
    Do some serious research for my condition
    Try to find foods that really work for my wallet and my health at the same time, since striking a balance is difficult right now
    Cook from and/or eat from total scratch (or at least make my own prep-ahead foods and boxed foods) at least 6 days a week
    Pack my lunch every school day without fail

    Settle into a new property/house and get my parents settled as well
    Pass my nursing boards and become certified
    Graduate from college again
    Get hired on as a nurse to start my year of training
    Try to do one volunteer thing for others a month
    Travel to at least: 1 new country, 1 new state, 1 new city, and 10 new places
    Hopeful goal: Build a tiny house

    Create a functioning budget and stick to it for at least 80% of my spending/saving goals
    Set up the envelope system in my digital bank account
    Contribute to my investments this year
    Research more frugal ways of getting things I want/need
    Do the weekly savings ticker thing again, putting away each week of the year's worth of money into savings
    Pick and re-organize 5 things that could save me money this year

    Learn more French and maybe even start on Japanese again
    Learn more about gardening
    Learn more about cooking
    Make some active effort to expand my vocabulary
    Learn more nursing skills
    Try a new skill I haven't ever tried each month
    Hopeful goal: Maybe become a disaster response agent for the red cross or something like that.. I haven't quite figured that one out yet, but it seems cool enough.

    Do a serious re-organization of my stuff
    Reduce and sell items I don't need/love
    Do a 15 minute clean-up each day in two different rooms of wherever I am staying at the time

    My lists are always stupid long.
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    Impressive list!

    My 2015:
    • Get a dog
    • Get a job
    • Get a life
    • Study more effectively
    • Enjoy the good things
    • Deal better with the bad things
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambling View Post
    I'm going to have a Word of the Year, not a resolution. I've done it for the last couple of years since someone suggested the idea to me, and it's much easier on the mind than having to achieve an ideal. It's more that I will choose a word and somehow that word comes to mind and becomes guides and builds my character formation, I think.
    I love this idea. I think I can come up with one by New Year's Day. Be back then...

    Also, I'm being trite and getting a gym membership. It wasn't intentionally a resolution for the new year, just that the move near to this gym and late December coincidentally coincided.

    In all other respects, I'm pretty productive right now and am already hard at work on anything else I could resolve.
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