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    Default Dialogue with forces from the unconscious - a Jungian experiment

    So some facts about Jung:

    He believed first we develop an ego, then we develop a relationship between the ego and unconscious and this is what maturity is: a becoming resulting from this transcendental state between the ego unconscious.

    So I feel kind of glum about something and I want to go work out. I keep procrastinating by doing more work at my desk when I should be taking a break. I log on the internet and immediately from my unconscious comes the image of a band-aid.

    So I interpret: using the internet is bandaging my emotions. I am using the internet to cover my glum feeling when in reality I need to sweat or do something that relaxes me.

    But I don't forsake the internet. Why? Because that would be following the unconscious and the goal is to get in the middle of the two...not to go the way of the ego or the leads to inflation, and the other to deflation. The point is to stay balanced.

    So I assess what it means for me. I think of a band-aid and what the opposite of that would be, as Jung suggested. I analyze how things subjectively make me feel and then consider the objective facts in relation to it. So I decide to use the internet for this post.

    And that's my resolution. That's how I transcend. Now I will go work out. I didn't fully just kick the internet away nor did I become sucked into it. Subjectively, I have talked about what I value and reinforced my own emotional system. Objectively, I am of the opinion such discourse is proactive in making the world better. I think that speaking on things is an action.
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