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    I don't make people do anything when they lose a game. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm one of those boring people who thinks the fun is in playing rather than winning! But occasionally my family will have that really heated game of something like Candy Land, and the worst that ever happens is loser has to do the dishes or vacuum or something. But for the most part, playing is playing for me--the losers (myself included) will just have to live with our defeat the rest of our lives!

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    Gahh people don't be boring!! I came to this thread looking for inspiration for even better "punishments" for the losers, but apparently I should just be happy with what my friends and family already put up with!

    Fantasy football - loser has to sing, dance, or tell jokes for halftime entertainment during the superbowl and make all the snacks

    If it's a big team game - losers are the winners' slaves for the rest of the day

    Random - run around outside warwhooping wearing pajamas, eat/drink some nasty concoction, losers sit on something really uncomfortable, while making the winners' chairs as plush as possible... if only I had a memory, I'd be able to think of way more

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    This reminds me of a time around five years ago where my mum decided that every time me and my brother swore, we'd have to pay her $20. A sin tax basically.

    Then she swore three times in the car; female driving and all. So that put an end to that idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    You know--you're playing truth or dare and they pick dare, and you tell them to lick a window and they forfeit. Or you're playing a board game and the other team loses.

    What's the incentive to win? Sometimes for bragging rights.. but what about all those suckers that are just playing for fun? I like making incentives to not lose more than I like making incentives to win.

    We used to play cards with a few friends of mine, and we'd make the loser of the round write the numbers 1-10 in the air with their butt while we all counted along.

    I've made a guy wear make up the rest of the night once.

    Once in Honduras, we were in a bar where if a girl beat you at a game you either had to pay $20 for open bar drinks for anyone who wanted them (beers were $1 a pop there) or you had to get on the bar top and dance Coyote Ugly style. I have beginner's luck sometimes, and so I played four different games and won on the first try at all of them. So I had 4 dudes up there dancing to the same song. I still have that picture too.

    I've made someone wear their socks on their hands while trying to drink and chill at a party.

    What things do you guys make people do when they lose at a game?
    Chug their beer/shot/engine degreaser.
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