just want to share this positive development.

I ran in to my friend at the gym twice. the first time i met him it was a negative experience for us both and the second time it was positive for us both.

the first time it went like this:

me: hey (looking at the ground)
him: hey (looking at the ground)
bla bla bla bla
me: alright later bro.
him: later (looking at the ground lost in thought.)

the second time it went like this:
i see him, and walk up to him
me: hey bro, it's good to see you man. (look at eyes and smile)
him: hey bro! (face lights up in proportion to my face)
me: man I heard you ran a marathon, is that true?
him: yeah bro!
bla bla bla
Me: man it's amazing you quit smoking man, just keep doing your thing you inspired me to run an extra two miles
and maybe try for a marathon
him:Thanks! (looks up like he is resurrected)
me: well man if I don't see you on your way out I gotta say bye to you now (hand shake, smile, eye contact)
him: thanks man, it means a lot good luck for the rest of your work out (smiles as I walk away).

I gotta say that when i went on vent my social skills improved because I had more confidence after I talked to all the intelligent people on there and the next day the effect amplified my social skills.

Thank you.

just wanted to say this while we all hold hands and sing kumbaya at the bonfire.