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View Poll Results: do you think women with beards are attractive?

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  • I'm a women and think beards are the shit! I love them.

    7 50.00%
  • I'm a women and I don't like beards!

    4 28.57%
  • I'm a woman and don't care either way.

    7 50.00%
  • I'm a man and think beards look great!

    3 21.43%
  • I'm a man and think beards look like shit!

    2 14.29%
  • I"m a man and couldn't care less.

    3 21.43%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    darkened dreams Ravenetta's Avatar
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    I'm not sure why, but this thread disturbs me more than seeing zombie heads smushed with goulashes.

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    Biting Shards Dr Mobius's Avatar
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    I suppose that really depends on whether the beard comes with all the advantages marketing has told me it will?

    Is the wearer a woman's woman, a titan of all things feminine, yet simultaneously managing to portray hints of masculinity as to assuage my delicate disposition? So that I know I might connect on a bro to bro level?

    Will she be extraordinary well dressed, with an artful negligence that no one with an actual job would get away with? A dress code that says: "Hey I'm a freelance artistic type that despite what statistics would tell you actually manages to bring home the bacon; while looking damn fine.”

    A persona that promises to love everything I do only in a way that only someone with ovaries could?

    Because honestly if this bearded woman doesn't look like this; I'm going to have to say no. A boy has got to have standards, and as L'Oréal has been telling me for sometime, I'm worth it.
    Just looking for a protector, God never reached out in time, There's love, that is a saviour, But that ain't no love of mine
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