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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    I just wish people would find a balance. No mindless persecution, but also no mindless condoning.
    The thing is, looking for the balance is the beginning rather than the end. I think a pretty compelling case can be made that a an absolute, objective, balance does not exist. The notion of proper balance is inherently relativistic. So, person A will say the balance is here, and person B will say the balance is there. The two will come into conflict with each other driven by the perceived nobility of their own positions, as each will fancy him/her self as the one who just wants balance, which is obviously the right thing to want.

    So where is the proper place between persecution and condoning? What is the amount of mindfulness we should expect of people? What are examples of the right or wrong amounts? I have a guess the two of us wouldn't agree on any of those, even if we both claimed to seek a balance.
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