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    Default What are your favorite mobile apps?

    What are your favorite mobile apps and why?

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    It really depends on the month and what I'm really into at the time but I find myself loving the following apps:

    • Goodreads. You can scan your books! So handy since it categorises my book collection.
    • Indieshuffle. Random indie music is awesome on the train when you're sick of your ipod.
    • VSCO Cam. To satisfy my artistic side.
    • Gmail. My internship co-ordinator emails me a lot and I can do as much on this app as I can do on the desktop version.
    • IMDB. Films, yeah!
    • Wikipedia. Most used app, good for quickly checking something at work that you don't know.
    • Merriam Webster dictionary. When I'm reading, I have to look up the word, it's much faster than flicking through a dictionary or turning on a laptop.
    • Net-a-porter. Something to flick through.
    • Car. Great app, stops me from touching my phone when I'm driving since it reads out messages and answers phone calls for me.
    • ABC iview. Something to watch when I'm bored. It takes too long to load, though.
    • VLC. Most of my films are MKV format.
    • TV. I rarely ever watch tv but this app is good, very detailed.
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    most used
    a few games to kill time when i'm bored (I used to have a gameboy emulator but my sd card got corrupted and lost everything on it, and that and a few games were there, and I just never bothered replacing it)
    Imgur who doesn't like browsing through pics and memes when bored? also text pictures to friends in convo to convey my exact feelings
    pandora (No i'm not getting spotify, I can deal with ads ) I use this in the car when driving.
    email it reminds me to check them as i get notifications
    IMDB good for if i can't remember something having to do with tv or film
    youtube i can text random videos to friends for the same reason as imgur
    alarmclock extreme(I have random song by The Eels play as my alarm)
    the battery saver app(I have an s3 the battery life completely sucks)
    photobucket I used photobucket from the beginning so it's what i'm use to if i don't want it on facebook, i could use imgur. but i'm an old dog i don't like new tricks
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    Puffin browser(cuz flash support, good controls and fast).
    Manual cam(well placed manual controls) for taking photos, VSCO and mix to edit(best two i have tested).
    Alien blue for reddit, i just recently realized that reddit can be actually something worth using(for mobile at least) when combined with a good mobile app.
    Mobile bank(thats the app my bank has, cant use other than one from my own bank).
    Weather for weather(has good widget).
    Voice memos(simple and good controls).
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    Untappd, because it makes it much easier to keep track of what I've had to drink.

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    Awesome, I'm in the process (very beginning stages like trying to figure out what platform to use) of creating an app so knowing people's most used apps helps. Anyone here heard of Xamarin? I'm thinking of using them to start and I actually (believe it or not) found them on Twitter lol.

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    Man, I guess I don't use most of my apps but...

    GoPro app, coolest app I have. Can control my GoPro (it has a built in wi-fi) and see a live preview.

    Shazam (do I even need to say it? tho it works with Siri now)

    Rowmote is pretty cool. Can control my Macs (and I think PCs) from my iPhone.

    MyNetDiary (can scan barcodes of food, if you're into that. easy way to track diet).

    Oh, and before I got my GPS watch, Nike + app for running very cool.

    And damn, google maps.
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    Viber, Tapatalk and Wikipedia. I'm a simple guy.

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