I put up another thread and noticed quiet a few folks had lots of history w/forums. I myself haven't gotten into forums until the last few years w/typology. I do belong to a parent forum though I'm not very active. I feel like I stand out too much though the users are very friendly.

(Being a paranoid 6, I always tell people that I'm pretty much like Woody Allen in the movie Manhattan as a hypochondriac, except for mental health. I go through phases where I think a problem in my head is a condition and I'll worry and analyze and work through it, only to realize I don't have the condition and that I'm just mentally hilarious: humorously neurotic)

I share that last bit because since it's been a struggle for me in the dating scene (not wanting to settle for creeps or leeches from ok stupid) I thought I had a severe case of attachment issues. I joined the avoidance attachment support group forum and they never got back to me. They avoided me. I swear!! Weird shit happens to me all the time. Which is probably why the only forums I seem to take to are typology forums where I know I'm not alone. :p

So. Please share your previous forum delights and disappointments and any other general *stuff* you would like to share about your forum experience historically.