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Thread: Sense of humour

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    I'm from the US.

    I express affection with humor. Or, affection is generated by humor. It's a chicken/egg thing.

    Things I have no affection for are not funny to me at all - I play criticism emotionally straight (too straight, perhaps), without ridicule or sarcasm. If I make a joke about something broken, it is a way of sniffing out something redeeming about it instead, even if the only redeeming quality is that said thing can be humorous in a certain light.

    Humor is a genuinely redeeming quality to me because as I said, it comes hand in hand with fondness - never without it. If the object doesn't actually deserve that redemption in my eyes, it's not going to be funny.

    This doesn't mean my humor can't be dark - quite the contrary. In that case, the affection is a handshake extended to my own mortality - my way of coming to terms with it.

    That said...all that sounds nice in theory, but tl;dr, my sense of humor is the least sophisticated and most childish part of me. I like juxtaposing it with things that are very unlike it in dignity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aliciacan View Post
    I am from Germany, but I've lived in the US for 12 years. My sense of humor is pretty dry when I'm the one being funny. I enjoy most forms of humor, but things of the "stupid funny" (some of Will Ferrell's or Eddie Murphy's work, etc.) doesn't really do anything for me. I like a lot of subtle humor too. British humor is also great. I love Peep Show, for example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SD45T-2 View Post
    Aaaaaand now I want to have a Monty Python marathon.

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    I'm from 'Murica, but have German and Middle Eastern ancestry. People think I'm funny, but I'm not really sure why. My sense of humor can shift from immature (shouting "penis" at the top of my lungs when it's dead silent,with a straight face), to sarcastic, to clumsy or awkward. I think the kind of "humor" a teenage boy would use, stories about people being incredibly stupid, or people talking in weird voices makes me laugh uncontrollably.

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    I'm from the US, and I guess I'd say my humor is equal parts sarcastic/dark and absurd/silly -- sometimes separate, sometimes simultaneous, sometimes juxtaposed for maximum effect.

    I tend to joke almost constantly, with little teasing one-liners or passing comments, sudden changes in facial expression (made funnier because I'm not super expressive otherwise), etc. Some of those comments are halfway between being a joke or not being a joke, which I've noticed some people find awkward? But the intent is to charm people and make them smile, and most of the time it works. (I tone it down when it doesn't.) I would say that my delivery is dry, but I almost always smile at my own humor, partly because internally I'm going "omg I just thought of a funny thing! so stoked to share it!" and partly to remind people that my "benign violations" are actually benign. My forum videos are a great example of how this plays out in practice.

    I'm a big fan of a particular type of dark humor (e.g. Marc Maron, Dexter, Breaking Bad, and most movies by the Coen Brothers), and a particular type of absurd humor that my roommate perfectly summed up as "taking things to their natural conclusion". Sophomoric humor only works for me when it's paired with types of humor that I like -- which is why I like "Cards Against Humanity" but am iffy about most modern Judd Apatow-ish comedies.

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