This is a thread which I hope will eventually become an archive of sorts.

Basically, I want people to think of a place they have particularly enjoyed travelling to. However, instead of just telling the rest of us a bit about it (though feel free), I'd like it if you could pass on some tips as well. Imagine what a prospective traveller might have to encounter, and take into account the low budget that many young people have. Any irritations and cultural conflicts that may be a problem are a real help to know about beforehand as well.

I will start.

Bodrum area in a nutshell:

Don't stay in Bodrum itself - prices are much higher, it is full of English and German tourists and lacks the traditional village feel.
Stay somewhere with easy access to a beach. It can get very hot and there may be some days where you don't want to do much except swim.
Public transport (dolumuses) is cheap and easy to use around the peninsula. You can get from village to village for little more than 5 lira.
There are not many banks. It is best to change a large-ish quantity of your Euros or pounds into lira at once. Always have at least 200 lira in your moneybelt.
Supermarket food is generally fresh and reasonably priced - you will exercise your budget better to eat out for lunch while you are exploring and eat in for dinner than the inverse.
St Peter's Castle at Bodrum itself and the windmills nearby are both worth visiting, but also visit the sunken walls as Gumusluk and travel around the northwest coast from Turkbuk to Gundogan.
Despite being a touristy area, very few people speak good English, or any other European language for that matter. Be patient when communicating.
If you can afford it, a car is really useful as you have a lot more flexibility.

Where I stayed - Gundogan, on the northern side on the peninsula: