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    Quote Originally Posted by Flush View Post
    Most of my friends are extraverts... THAT is painful.

    They won't understand that I need time for myself, and take it personally when I say that I "don't feel like hanging out today".
    Holy... my ISTJ buddy does this to me! WTF?!

    EDIT: to clarify, my ISTJ takes it personally when I'm too tired to hang out.
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    Thankfully my E friend understands, now that he's seeing me have to make a decision between three different friend groups vying for my attention
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    most of my really good friends are I's and very artsy. Im pretty much really outgoing, talkative, spontaneous and not serious at all when im with them.

    With my E friends on the other hand Im alot more reserved, reflective, calm and extremely attentive to their conversations unless Im drunk which I usually am with them. I think that they always sort of appreciate my ability to actually listen and not ramble and give an insightful response, and then get slightly irritated when i'm distant and need my time to recharge.

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    I can relate to this.

    In college, I have around an equal number of Introverted and Extraverted friends (and a high portion are Sensors).
    However, from high school, there are only four people I still hang out with- they are all Introverts (INTJ, ISTJ, ISTJ, INFP). However, they are all nerdy and interesting- so, hence, they are (I believe) some of the best people I could hang out with.
    There are some differences.

    I'm the only one who likes to party of the group and the only one who binge drinks.
    Also we have the habit of hanging out till 1 or 2 in the morning- they all get really tired after hanging out while I stay up a couple more hours reading or going on the internet to fall asleep.. I'm not the most socially assertive of the group (leave that to the XXTJ's) but I'm the most talkative and spontaneous of the group.

    I'm changing to E for now- this was one of the main things that kept me away from tagging myself as ENTP.. my god!!

    A lot of Extraverts bore me, to be honest. That's probably why a good portion of my E friends in college are ESTP/ESFP/ENTP/ENFP types.
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    My friends are pretty mixed - with the exception that there are no SJs.
    EDIT: Wait, I have one ISTJ friend. Otherwise most SJs think I'm too careless and stuff. But I would like to be friends with anyone. Anyway, I get along best with all perceiving types.

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    All I's in my social circle. And yes, it's sometimes frustrating as you cannot really fully let go, since it would overwhelm them. But they are well worth it otherwise

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    I'm an I that falls somewhere on the I/E divide and the most E out of my three closest pals (an ISTJ, an ISFJ and an INTP). The two ISJs think my tendency to speak to strangers is weird and the INTP disregards strangers as he views most people as pawns anyway before he gets to know them.

    Parties with strange people? Out.

    Spontaneity? Stifled.

    I love these guys and do understand their introversion but, sometimes, I just want to tie them up and lock them in a tiny room with 10 ExFPs. As some form of shock therapy, you see.

    The ISTJ and INTP have started to mellow out though in the past few years.

    When I'm with E pals though, I tend to be a lot quieter and let them do most of the talking.

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