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    Quote Originally Posted by Langrenus View Post
    lol...I must admit I came nowhere close to predicting the course this thread would follow when I first read the title all those hours ago. Dental care products are clearly deeply rooted in the prevailing political systems of our day
    Shows the between everyone who posts here, we can cover six degrees of separation for almost every topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langrenus View Post
    Probably, but I hardly think backwards, corrupt, totalitarian Politburo's have a monopoly on fucking up people's health. Note BSE, for example. Oh, and we might consider the the fact that ~40 million Americans have no health insurance. Lets hope those people don't use this toothpaste, eh?
    Those are probably the people most likely to buy said cheap toothpaste.

    (I'm not worried because I use very expensive US-made prescription toothpaste.)

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