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    Quote Originally Posted by RedruM View Post
    If someone you considered a “good acquaintance” was in need of a kidney transplant, and the likelihood of them getting one from the donor waiting list was slim to none, what would you say if they asked you to donate one of your kidneys to them because you were a match?
    "Well, we had a good run, old sport."

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    Absolutely. Allowing some dude to actually live, with only minor repercussions to me, is not a bad arrangement.

    With some caveats.

    First, lifestyle. Does he drink like a fish and smoke like a chimney? Is he gonna otherwise piss my kidney away? No, thanks; I'll give my kidney to someone who deserves it. If someone else wants to waste their kidney on him.. well, that's on them.

    Second, risk. Generally, there aren't many long-term detriments to donating a kidney, but if there's a chance that it could interact with other health problems, then I simply couldn't. And as @OrderOfTheCaelifera mentions, I'd want to put family first; and so if there's a considerable risk of needing to donate to them eventually, I'd also have to decline.

    I can't lop off too many of my body parts for other people, though.

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    For an acquaintance, not a chance. I'd be sort of irritated at them for even asking me, did they seriously think I'd give them my kidney when I am not even willing to lend them a cup of sugar? Clearly they are an imbecile.

    But... clearly they are also very desperate...they must have no one else

    That's my knee jerk reaction but upon further contemplation, I don't think I could live with myself knowing I in essence killed that person, even a person that I probably wouldn't notice to have passed any other way, I have no right to decide that this particular imbecile should die. Besides, if I where in their position, I'd be scared and desperate too. Suffering. So if I were truly their only chance, I'd do it then make them promise to stay out of my life forever as I'd be extremely irritated by the fact that I gave something so important to someone who is practically a stranger. In a way I'd be angered that they'd put me in such a position but I know that it is I who control the situation and therefore it was my choice, my choice alone. Nonetheless, I'd want absolutely nothing to do with this person afterwards.

    For a loved one, in a heartbeat, I'd rather die any day than have any of those I loved die(for selfish reasons). Or in this case undergo surgery in order to save the one I love. I wouldn't even have to think about that. If I could find a non-back alley surgeon who was willing to preform the surgery I'd give that person my remaining kidney. It is not their fault I chose to give my other kidney to some random dim-wit. Like it was nothing like it wasn't theirs, like the fool of guilt.

    If it where between giving my kidney to a loved one or a acquaintance in an immediate sense. I'd let the acquaintance die, I would only wish to ensure the life of my loved one above absolutely all. If that person was to impede in such a way, well too bad for them. Of course I'd still feel guilty but I'd be able to take solace in the fact that I was able to save the one I love.

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