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    Default Favorite Software

    For Macs! Ha, fooled you PC people. But if it's available for mac, then go ahead.

    I'd like to focus on freeware, but it doesn't matter.

    Time savers, browser extensions, awesome audio/video converters/players.

    I'll start and throw out some that many of you probably have, if not you should.

    VLC-All kinds of video Player (mac & PC), Handbrake, all kinds of video formats converter (mac & PC)

    I have a lot, but there's a start.
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    I'm mostly only familiar with media-based software because I used to edit AMVs until I was 17.

    VLC is magic for sure.

    I really liked Sony Vegas 7.0 as my editing software. It's good for working with both footage and music.

    DVDFab is really good for ripping DVD footage onto your computer. From there, DGIndex is good at turning the footage into workable files and then VirtualDubMod is good for making that footage ready for editing, such as removing interlacing. It's hard to explain why I like these programs without getting into the specifics, but I'm glad I still remember how to do this stuff after all this time.
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