I'm going to Scotland/Ireland for three weeks in June and July with my 24 year old nephew. Do you have any advice for what we shouldn't miss, best way of getting around, what we'll need, etc? I've never gone to the UK, nor has he. We plan not to rent a car. Have one contact in Ireland (students' mum who is Irish will be back there visiting her family, but they are travelling during some of that time) and one in Scotland (near Glasgow) where the couple has offered to let us make their place our home base. I don't want to intrude on them, but we'll probably spend about five nights there and do some little trips out from there.

I've got a couple of really thin, but warm zip up sweaters and then a light summer jacket. I'll probably just bring some all purpose hiking sandals for footwear.

I know a bunch of people here have travelled there, so thought I'd take advantage of your wisdom and expertise. Thanks a million!