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To make a long story short, I've been going through an incredibly strenuous identity crisis surrounding my type for the past year or so, starting with the initial confusion surrounding my enneagram type, and eventually getting worse after posting a questionnaire video on here where it was unanimously decided that I was an (I)SFP instead of an ENFP. Whereas I was previously relatively comfortable with my ENFP typing and rarely questioned it (although I've come to realize that I don't relate to Ne as described by Jung or most MBTI sources), typing at ISFP has led me into a downward spiral where every single day of the past year has been spent questioning my sense of self and whether I was an ISFP, or an ESFP, a type that I stigmatized
From what I've read, and please correct me if I'm wrong, I believe that you're prone to being too adaptable to the point of second guessing where your true nature lies. But what if, your true nature is to adapt. What is the antithesis of adaptability? It's being stubborn, immovable, content, boring, non-frictional, and worst of all, must have things their way (if you can't adapt than you must make the same choices again and again). All these traits that I've mentioned are inherently in people that are easier to type: they know themselves because they aren't apt to change.

In my opinion, a moving train is much more practical to have than an inoperable one.