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    Quote Originally Posted by Retmeishka View Post
    Not even necessary. If I could just see him more frequently, I would stop getting these crazy ideas in my head of 'woe is me, he's the wrong type, we're doomed forever.' When I'm actually with him in the real world, he's exactly the way I want him to be. (Well, not perfect in every way, but you know.)

    Actually, I wish I knew how to roleplay different types, because then I would be able to write fiction stories with realistic characters of a wide variety of types, instead of a bunch of flat characters who all seem like SLIs.
    ok, I was just kidding with the roleplaying thing You just can't escape your own character.
    I know what you mean with writing fiction characters. Even then it's difficult to step away from your own type. I really admire people who have the ability & patience to work out clearly defined and different characters.

    You say he's everything you want him to be in real life. And that's what matters. I think MBTI, with all its truths and insights, is still hardly useful in real life. Especially if it becomes dogmatic "I'm type X, so I need someone who's type YYYY".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haven View Post
    I don't think duality is supposed to mean relationships that take a little longer to fail, would you agree?
    That's an interesting way of looking at it. No, I haven't found The One yet. I've been in relationships that ended, for various reasons. This one might end if he goes to boot camp and goes into the military like he said he was going to do, and I'm praying that he was accidentally lying/hallucinating/confused when he told me that (yes, this occasionally happens - long story), because I do not want him to go.

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