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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    My daddy makes juice. Lots of it.
    I like the sound of your dad.

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    just a vessel EJCC's Avatar
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    INTP 5w6 so/sp

    Going off of @Starry's "look" post... My dad's "look", when I was growing up, was very late-80s-early-90s Tom Hanks. (He's where I got my hair texture from, lol.)

    When I was little, he was a high school substitute teacher, mostly working with special needs kids. Then he worked his way up the nonprofit ladder in town. Now he's back to helping special needs folks, but has kept up a lot of his networking connections and serves on a lot of community boards and neighborhood associations.

    He probably spends most of his non-working hours watching TV with a cat on his lap. And he hoards CDs and streamable music like magpies hoard shiny objects.
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    My dad was a teacher too. Worked his way up to Principal. I was in his school at one time. Got sent to him to be strapped for playing up.

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    ENFP, was a political science major, then some how got involved in being a salesman for computer parts. Very funny, could be a comedian. Temperamental and emotional and in huge of denial of it. Mood changes rapidly depending on the circumstance. Over all very loving and affectionate, with some spacey illogical angry problems.
    "I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
    -Oscar Wilde

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    My dad's an INTP 5w6 sp/sx doctor and musician. He's idealistic and anxious... dedicated and intense. And he's got a fun, witty, goofy streak. He was my first instructor, always quizzing me on my knowledge. He has that same situation @LadyLazarus mentioned about being very internally loving but having a hard time showing it because of how he was raised. It took me a really long time to understand that. I love to go sailing with him when the weather's just on the verge of more than we can handle.

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    Twerking & Lurking ayoitsStepho's Avatar
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    ESTP. I don't know much about him other than he's an athiest and general manages cracker barrel. He use to be the general manager of the most successful red lobster in the U.S. but got wrongly fired and has become a hateful alcoholic. He and my mom are still together (they're talking divorse) but I know nothing about him otherwise. He doesn't like me and I don't care about him.
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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    & Badger, Ratty and Toad Mole's Avatar
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    On one hand, my daddy is better than your daddy.

    But on the other hand, psychoanalysis tells us who our daddy is, and who are mommy is, and our relationship to them both.

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    Retired ENTP with a love for languages, science, travel and old radios. He worked as an editor and general administrative assistant most of his life. He and my mom built their own house which he pretty much designed from scratch, swapping hats from being the contractor, the carpenter, the electrician etc. He reverse engineered mathematical formulas to make things fit and work out - though due to his inexperience in all those professions, the house certainly has some 'children's diseases' - then had my mom organise and orchestrate the actual support needed to build the darn thing with their own bare hands. It was quite a feat.

    This year, they're looking to divorce, sell their house (which was meant to become their nest egg), split the cash and go their different ways.

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    A tumor.

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    ENTP. US Navy Chief Petty Officer- Electrician's Mate.
    Loved terrible puns, was a big kid (ain't they all). Adventurous. Always shook up my ISFJ mom's neurotic "order" of things when he was home. Actually was a grounding force in the family, somewhat stabilized my mother's issues with his ceaseless optimism/playful nature. Helped her build the family she never got to have, growing up. For a little over a decade, at least.

    He became very ill upon his return from the Gulf War (Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm). He never got well. Navy retired him in quick fashion.
    He died the year he would've been 32. I was 9. I have a pretty decent memory (some flashes of even being a toddler), so I do have a storehouse of experiences I cherish, atop the overall positive, supportive influence he imparted on me in my formative years.

    He was a playmate, a teacher, and a protector.

    While I don't feel comfortable posting a photo of him, here's a link to a 30-second clip of a home movie where you can hear him (behind the camera) doing one of the things he did best:

    Whenever I see his family, they tell me how much like my father I've become, in temperament and humor, so it's nice to know I carry him along with me, in that sense.
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