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    Intent is all that really matters
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    Of course it matters but so do results. I don't think there's any hard and fast rule about how much each matters though, it depends on the situation.

    But yes, intent counts for a lot. Especially malicious intent.

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    It depends entirely. It's a situational thing.

    If your intentions were to try to help me, and you shot my sister in the process somehow, I don't care how great your intentions were--you shot my god damn sister. Go. Away. Severe things have great intentions.. but that doesn't mean the intentions did not stem from delusional or deranged mentalities. Plenty of awful people did awful things with what they BELIEVED were good intentions.

    And that's the flaw with intentions--they're beliefs based on current information and guesses on future information. Someone trying to hit on me may have good intentions and think that I'm pretty, and attractive, and that I could use a good guy in my life to take care of me.. But it's also delusional that (one, that that's definitely what I need in my life) and that I'd automatically think THEY'RE the ones qualified to fulfill those needs and purposes just because they're the ones trying at all. So, then, no matter the intentions, it comes off as creepy.

    But, otherwise.. intentions mean a lot to me really. If the intention was to be sweet to me, but they accidentally broke something instead.. I'm not going to be mad at them obviously. If the intention was to compliment me, but they called me skinny, I can't really be upset at them. Not really.. even if it's a hurtful word to call me. Because, despite not knowing me well, they tried and made an effort to be nice to me.. It's understandable that that's a societal norm to tell women.

    I'm using a lot of examples, but I'm not sure how to paint the picture otherwise. If the intention stemmed from what I perceive to be a good mentality, then the intentions can easily be used to sort through and forgive and correct a situation in a rational manner. If the intentions came from nothing rational at all to me, they aren't going to help a situation. It's like saying, "Yeah, I know I wrecked your car, but its because I was trying to get you Orange juice because I thought you'd punch me in the face if I didn't.".. Like .. where did the punching of the face even come from? Why would orange juice merit that? How little do you know about me to think that in the first place? It's not logical, in comparison to saying, "I'm sorry I wrecked your car, but I thought the guy was turning and it turns out he was going straight and I just didn't know." The intentions were to drive safe, but the car was wrecked anyways. So, it's cool. Sort of.
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