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    Default Do substitutions suffice for you?

    I guess I'm thinking specifically health related stuff, but I'm sure it applies elsewhere.

    Example: my father has no success switching from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. He doesn't really like "healthy versions" of original dishes.

    I'm the opposite, and enjoy tea that merely looks like a beer during times I can't drink, and I'm fine with vegetable noodles versus real ones. I do find diet sodas useless and disgusting though.

    Do you tend to like things 'pure' or are substitutions generally okay?
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    depends on what it is, but rarely. I've tried the whole if you're craving this then you should eat this. it doesn't work, I need the taste and texture of what I'm craving, if it's slight off in any way I won't eat it. Also I tend to be picky with brands, because some brands do taste different and I don't like when the taste is slightly different. So basically no I'm not good at substituting, because I will notice a difference. My mom has left out minor ingredients in recipes before and I could tell right away (she didn't tell me before hand). If I'm craving something specific and I don't have access to it, I'll often times just won't eat

    my mom would get frustrated with me, because I would eat one brand of something but not another
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    Generally they're fine for me. I use a lot of healthier substitutions regularly.
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    Nope, I get addicted to things too easily and when I get fixated on something I can't stop thinking about it/ stay away from it. I'm really bad at denying myself anything.

    It has to be the thing I want, substitutions will not satisfy me.

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    Yes and no. I haven't actually tried straight-out substitutions much since I've never tried to eliminate a food, but I can say that pretty much all "just like X" are not at all like X and often gross, too. Fake meat tastes nothing like it and is nearly inedible (at least for me), for example.

    On the other hand, I'm a huge fan of "alternatives" (as opposed to straight substitutions), and these can be very satisfying for their own merits, rather than trying to pretend they're something else. Ex: tofu in stirfrys rather than meat, fish instead of beef, higher proportion/variety of veggies, wild/brown rice instead of white, canadian (peameal) bacon instead of the regular stuff, dried fruit instead of candy, etc. The key is to appreciate the deliciousness of healthier options for their own merits (and for hitting the right sweet/salty/umami/etc triggers), instead of trying to make it replicate the taste of the food you're trying to skip.
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    It depends. Sugar substitutes are evil. I can do quite a few gluten-free substitutes without a problem but I won't eat a GF sandwich or pizza. Now that I think about it, I'll just go without instead of getting a substitute 90% of the time.

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