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    Default Since you found TypologyCentral

    We all have our join date right beneath our avatars… What is something that has changed in the time between the day you found this forum and the present moment? Major or minor, one thing or many, internally or externally…
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    When I first joined I didn't write in clichés because clichés have been in too many mouths.

    But my original words provoked such a negative reaction, I started to fish in your open mouths for clichés so that I would be accepted.

    But then a strange thing happened - I started to realise that clichés are the right royal road to the archetypes.

    In other words, the well chewed clichés, passing from mouth to mouth, spreading the virus of memes, to naive and unsuspecting members of Typology Central, were the expression of the archetypes.

    And as Typology is the study of types, we can study our archetypes by the very clichés we pass between us.

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