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    I put this on in headphones if I need to cancel background noise while I'm working (usually if it's a dull noise, no matter how loud, I can tune it out on my own, but if there are distinct conversations or something like that, it is harder, so then I use some "white noise" to cancel it).

    I esp like that website bc you can slide the little toggles to adjust to one that sounds best to you!
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    I've always had a problem with sudden loud noises. Interestingly, constant loud noises don't bother me nearly as much. It's like the sudden loud noise, suddenly interrupts my thought process and demands that I pay attention to it.

    Today at work in the library, there was someone who was coughing loudly every minute or so for five hours. It was just torture for me. I work with the public, so I can't wear earplugs or headphones. I have to be attuned to what's going on around me. Nor can I just make him leave. He didn't look sick or anything although I did ask him if he was alright and he said yes. I know that people can't help it when they cough but it still bothers me for some reason.
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