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    Default Attractiveness

    Do you think a persons' generally conceived level of attractiveness has a causal nexus with their persona?

    I was just thinking, all the well functioning INTJ's I know look quite handsome [and the woman look starkly beautiful] (which might have to do with the fact they need something to compensate for the fact they don't smile when asserting themselves [or learn to cut out that form of smiling very young after experiencing the danger that it tends to cause]).

    Any other correlations people notice with certain types?
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    A person is incredibly attractive to me when they smile, are casual(easy going), and can bring out and/or keep up w/my silly side. What seals the deal (gets me hooked) is when they don't always do what I want, when they don't tell me what they think I want to hear (rather what they say what's on their mind.), and the final clincher is when they get angry with me an aren't afraid to let me know(tell it like it is, whether I agree or not), I want to know. When they don't fall for my bullshit but don't hold it against me. When they don't turn into a giant baby when I call them on their bullshit(sulking is fine so long as it's not too excessive). All this sounds incredibly intimate but remember I'm an sx dom so, I'm either "curious", or interested in having that person be the dominant character in a relationship(not to be confused with controlling) ... I'm either on, or off. You're either the best thing since sliced bread, or I'm impatient and bored. I'm either your biggest fan, or I'm trying to protect myself because I'm neurotic :p lol!!

    I dated an INTJ for over a year once. He unfortunately, confused controlling with dominating. Thus, I realized, he had no idea who I was. It was a sad ending. With me refusing to let him pick up the check when we meet for lunch after the break up(and arguing). He also (despite his "casual" exterior) took himself way too seriously. Which is incredibly unattractive.
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    some people have an aura that makes them attractive. it has nothing to do with physical beauty.those are the peeps who draw me in.

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