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    Quote Originally Posted by xisnotx View Post
    Yeah. My main thing is this...swimming pools, with showers, that you can get into for a couple bucks. I know of at least one.

    But, gyms? Buy a membership, even get a locker? Most gyms have showers, right?
    Beach showers?

    Those all seem like relatively cheap options.

    I'm sure I'll think of some more.

    I did the nomad thing for a chunk of time when I was younger- had a van I slept in the back of. Cheap gym membership for showers, used laundromats for, well, laundry. Parked overnight in the waaay back of Walmart lots occasionally. Mostly parked in apartment complex parking lots or behind churches overnight (less light/disturbance). Welcome Centers and Park & Ride lots are also typically good spots to sleep if you have them nearby. Worked odd jobs, & left when I hated them. As long as you're safe about it, I think it can be an enriching experience, and perhaps help you along to discover what really drives you. We sometimes box those old passions away- they get buried in life's "obligations." You pare away some of what you truly do not need, and uncover lost treasures you may have never realized you had, or set aside.
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    Don't forget HP boxes. They come in handy.

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    No, definitely wouldn't. Its warm enough where my parents live that it could definitely be done. But, just no. I shower every day and would die after two days of packaged/fast food. Not even an option.
    Friends, waffles, work

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    So, tomorrow is D-day. I'll either be doing something drastic tomorrow, or sleeping in my car.
    Should be an interesting day tomorrow. Have no idea where I'll end up.

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    I might do it if it was a van or something roomier. But you may also face issues of parking.... Some places have laws about living out of cars. You have to move it around a lot and not park in the same places too much.

    I knew some guy in this evening art class I took who lived out of his VW van (never admitted it; likely for legal reasons). Very much a hippie. He showered at gyms. Book stores & libraries were his living room. He BBQ'd at parks for dinner sometimes. The VW had a pull-out bed and likely a kitchenette - not such a bad deal. It's as if the WORLD was his house & his van just a relatively small bedroom. This was a small city too, so it's not even like it has the freebies other cities may have.

    I lived out of a guest rooms and living rooms before...probably a total of 2 years in my life (not at once). All my stuff was in boxes at my parents. It wasn't due to joblessness at the time. I could afford rent, but I just didn't want to at the time. Since I wasn't on my own, the lease-free lifestyle did not feel so free after a bit, and so I locked myself into a year at an apartment to have sweet, sweet isolation once again.
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    One of my greatest no way. "shiver"
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay one invincible summer."
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    er.. no.

    I don't get why people hate the homeless, but then meh we're not a rational bunch.

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