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    I'll introduce myself to lot of people, but for further conversation, stick to the ones where there is the most mutual interest. That may not be many in the end.
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    I never introduce myself to anyone and feel happier if they DON'T know my name

    I don't like crowds and I don't really like to be indoors most of the time at social functions, so I'll find a porch or something outside and make myself at home there perching on something. I have no problem with chatting with anyone interesting who comes outside and can even be pretty entertaining in a small group, but I don't deal well with large groups...

    I've even escaped parties at my own house when they got too people-y and everyone got up in my space, so other social functions are no issue to escape
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    It depends on how many people I'm with. If there's just maybe six or seven people, then sure I'll talk to everyone because I don't want to make just a few people feel excluded from the rest of the conversation. If there's too many people to meet, I won't just go around slapping people on the back and saying, "How ya doin'?" Because that'd be kind of weird, obviously, unless you're drunk, then it's something everyone else does. And maybe they do even more.

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    No. I tend to go to great lengths to preserve my individuation for whatever reason. Which is to say, I've a penchant for going off by myself in one way or another: to sit on the couch or go outside or stand in a corner like a lamp without a hat, when I am forced to endure social functions of any sort, arms crossed and a scowl scribbled upon my face in true sourpuss form. The very picture of warmth and welcome. Of my own volition, I tend to avoid those sorts of things like the plagues they are. They're quite honestly, not for me. As for those oblivious enough to attempt at conversation with me: for the larger part I do hate it when others interrupt me(doing nothing is as a task, paramount, and therefore requires all of my concentration), but in a manner almost arbitrary, there have been a select few persons(always operating alone, never in groups, being that I've a strong distaste for group interactions) who I have met, that I have been utterly enticed by and therefore willingly engaged with, admittedly due to attraction. It's almost difficult to articulate with accuracy...

    Succinctly, I am the quintessential social butterfly.
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    No. I'd rather not interact with any of you filthy humans.
    I generally avoid most social settings, but when I have the misfortune of finding myself in one I just stand there not saying anything until someone approaches me and starts with the usual awkward (for me at least) small talk. At that point I wait for said person to realize that the reason I was alone wasn't that I'm a misunderstood genius who can't fit in and needs the help and compassion of some random stranger, but that I'm freak who hates everyone and is probably planning to blow the place up with everyone inside. Then he/she goes away, leaving me alone.

    I have no interest in talking to everyone, I can barely talk to one person, and then I'll need 10-40 minutes of alone time to get my energy level back to normal. People and their desire to tell you everything about their lives are exhausting.

    (however if I'm in a *very* good mood, please come talk to me and let's be loners together)

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