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    He is a big goof. A big, smart goof. He treats everyone with courtesy (except other drivers who cannot hear him). His brain is like an encyclopedia and he can collect and process large quantities of information much more quickly than I can. He has a solid, calm presence. He is dependable and ethical. He treats me like an equal. He is a sore looser and beats himself up a lot over small mistakes. He makes up terrible jokes to tell me. He likes to tease me. He hates conflict. He is very strong. He is balding now, but his hair is a beautiful glossy brown with ringlet curls. His eyes are the color of stone washed denim. He's a bit taller than average. He's broadly built and overweight. He has a big butt that's just asking to be slapped and his thighs are big and powerful. I've never met anyone so stubborn in all my life, but he's loyal and not controlling. He's my north star and my the ground under my feet. But he's still a big goof.
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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    is far far away
    Expression of the post modern paradox : "For the love of god, religions are so full of shit"

    Theory is always superseded by Fact...
    ... In theory.

    “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”
    Richard Feynman's last recorded words

    "Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart."
    Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

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    both childlike and strong, accountable, with great focus of mind and willingness to effort for what she wants. at times meek, vulnerable, and open, with beautiful, adorable expressions of what she's feeling. at others, aware, disciplined, and ready to take the lead when she feels something needs to be done.

    at her best, she's also patient, giving, loyal, and committed to the process underlying all things. when she's in touch with her own needs, she's an excellent emotional communicator who is deeply accepting of others. she also mostly understands what i'm saying and probably even more so, why i'm saying it. as a kind of rambling head type, always trying to understand, in such a strange meta-language, that is pretty fucking crucial for me to feel engaged.

    finally, her practice at feeling out where others are at is very relaxing for me. it allows me to have a better sense of what is going on in the social reality around me, which plays a huge role in quelling a real, legitimate source of anxiety (whereas mindfulness and yoga have been helpful at putting anxieties of all types into context and allowing me to do better at perceiving and working with them). this and her sense of acceptance and the accountability and awareness of what has happened that she promotes in me just by being near her are invaluable and make me better just because we fit together that way.
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