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    Outside of positive/negative... there is just the disorder and how to cope. Emphasize what is useful and minimize or change what is not. Just like any other characteristic.

    I feel the same way you talk about with Temple Grandin about most self-aggrandizement in general. On the other hand, people on the spectrum tend to face enough social difficulty already without the additional lack of awareness and stigma that accompanies autism. So I do think that society and people with autism would benefit from more education and inclusion.

    For what it's worth... if I were in a relationship with someone with autism... and wanted to have children with them - assuming that my understanding that autism is partially hereditary is correct - I wouldn't worry about it. If my child is autistic then I'll raise them the best I can with the most love I can. I would be so happy if any child of mine, autistic or not, turned out anywhere close to as loving and insightful as a friend of mine who is on the spectrum. Given, I know there are much more severe cases that are more akin to medical disorders than processing disorders. Still - that will be up to fate to determine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louiesgonnadie View Post
    IIt seems like these viewpoints that occasionally float around in the Autism culture are generated by wishful thinking, which could potentially be spawned by an inferiority complex. It irritates me when people like Temple Grandin say "if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool, you would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.” which is total gall. So just because people are socializing doesn't mean people can't get anything done? That's funny, because I'm sure many people, even the most intelligent and intuitive, can effectively socialize AND come up with ideas and/or work simultaneously. That also opens the doors for teamwork, which can lead to idea breadth and completion speed. Autism doesn't dictate level of intelligence. Even though people like Gates, Einstein, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Tesla, etc. exhibited some autistic symptoms it does not mean they necessarily were autistic - they could have been gifted, or overly passionate, or just highly intuitive.
    Can't fault you, however that is the typical knee jerk reaction for someone that is defending their right to existence would say. But... I take it, she was being humorous, exaggerating the point she was trying to carry across.

    Quote Originally Posted by tinker683 View Post
    I was diagnosed as being Autistic when I was a kid (they thought I was deaf before that. Whoops!) and had that diagnosis changed to Asperger's when I was a teenager.
    Same here. But they didn't know what to make of me, I was according to social skills "autistic" but my IQ didn't justify the then classical definition of autism. Today I score as eccentric on the AQ test.

    I honestly think IQ is just like MBTI that it can be used for good, or it can be used to discriminate. I still feel personally, that if the child is showing a low IQ it, is due to the environment's teachers (parents, school, friends, siblings) failing to recognise that they require different style of teaching and interaction. Which to me is the same. Not everyone learns the same way. The same way I feel about ADHD medication interfering with something natural. Because the majority think they are normal and compare to those that are not normal. Diversity is good in my humble opinion.

    The more I started digging into personality definitions, the more I can't help but think that they are tied together. And those that bash them, to conform, are creating these disorders as a side effect. e.g. woman goes extreme BPD when the boyfriend in her presence becomes more NPD.

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    The human personality obviously varies. As in Star Trek TOS IDIC (prefer TNG/DS9 personally lol.)

    I think ASD only applies (or should IMHO) if a person lacks good social functioning or this causes significant distress. But then social functioning is a subjective term. People who are "normal" often possess bad social functioning.

    I think it's just a ploy to single people out. This is a common sentiment amongst the psychological profession anyhow.

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