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    Default Christmas Gift Ideas

    What kinds of presents would you give various types of people for Christmas?
    What kinds of presents would you like to receive?

    I'm wondering because I need to make a Christmas list on both ends.
    I'm not naturally really into the holidays, so that's one reason I need advice.

    Perhaps this video also depicts well the spirit of Christmas:

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    Stuff that makes someone say 'oh, cool!' and be able to use it for at least some time. It also helps if you like it too, I think. That's what gives it a personal touch.

    My mom's old friend was addicted to mints and kept them in a container on his desk. But it was an old, ugly tupperware container that I didn't like looking at. I saw it often enough, so decided to get him a nice new one that matched his office for Christmas. He really liked it, and it was his new mint container from then on out.

    It's not fancy, but it's what I consider a successful gift.

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    Step one: cut a hole in a box

    Step two: put your junk in that box

    Step three: make her open the box
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