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    My grad student lifestyle
    PHD Comics: A day in the "Life"

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    wake up between 7 and noon. Get online realize I need coffee make coffee drink coffee get back online. Hang around unless I need to go somewhere, drink coffee on balcony enjoying the view maybe make breakfast or procrastinate to the point I'm about to pass out and grab the first thing I find. Watch tv or movies, think a bit, play some video games do a cross word play KoL. read random articles I find online, wonder why something is look it up online. about 5 I usually make a drink especially if I had to do alot such as be out with people all day to unwind. I usually stop after that one, but some nights I have more. If it's a day that their are fire works I usually watch them about 9. between 12 and 2 I go to bed. I live a fairly simple life.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Wake up anywhere between 6:30 am and 9:30 am depending on which shift I'm working at work.
    Work a full day.
    Come home; if I've worked the earlier shift I usually go for a bike ride. (The last ride I did was 60 kms.) Otherwise I am on the internet, daydreaming, or reading. I say I read a lot more than I actually read, but that's not so much me lying as it is me starting a book, then being exposed to new ideas, and I get more excited about my new ideas than the book, so perhaps I'll skim the rest but really I sit there and hold it open while I daydream. I only complete 1 of every 4 books I start. Most often they are non-fiction.

    I also spend about 1 hour a day planning my life (more what I'll do when I'm in my 30s than what I'm doing now at 21), more if I'm on a bike ride. If I can ride for longer than an hour, my mind escapes and I enjoy that. Except for the whole thing where I might get pummeled by a semi truck as I ride along the highway. Although I must admit most semi drivers are waaayyy better to cyclists than people in their family sedans who somehow reason to themselves that there's room to pass you on your bike, until they get right next to you and realize there isn't room, and you get either nearly run off the road, or truly run off the road. I just envision a semi taking me out because they make the biggest Impending Doom sound as you hear them coming up behind you.
    *You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
    C.S. Lewis

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    So, I've got prostate duty in surgical pathology 2 days out of the week. I find this funny, so I'll describe a typical day doing that.

    6:30- begin rigorous snoozing regimen
    8:00- up, shower, dress, run out
    8:20- shuttle to work
    8:30am to 5pm- Alternate between grading prostate cancer slides (for research, not diagnosis) and harvesting prostates. The latter involves picking up the prostate from the O.R., milking it (oh yes, I milk prostates), weighing, measuring, and painting the prostate, injecting it hundreds of times with formalin, and microwaving it. If there's a huge tumor on it, there are 2 other procedures we do, but I don't feel like typing it out.
    5:00- shuttle home
    5:30- get semi-naked and surf the web
    8ish- eat and vegetate
    11pm- go to bed
    12:15am- realize I can't sleep because of the damn med. school apps. that are making me MISERABLE
    12:30am- give up. read some depressing short stories by Chekhov
    3am- fall asleep

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    6:15 - Stir to the sounds of the girlfriend doing her morning routine, then fall back asleep.
    7:00 - Wake up to her telling me it's time to go, and roll out of bed into the clothes I laid out on the floor last night.
    7:30 - She drops me off at work.
    7:45 - Begin surfing the internet, and continue this process until 1PM with occasional work bits thrown in to make it look like I am doing something.
    1:00 - Go out with GF for lunch at the deli, where I have either an egg salad or a turkey sandwich (depends on the day, but yes, I am that predictable)
    2:00 - Get back to work and scramble like a headless chicken to get a shitload of work done to make up for the slackery of the morning.
    5:30 - Get picked up and head home.
    5:45 - Stop at buddy's house, and chill on his porch with him, have a couple beers and usually the both of us do dime store psychology and relationship advice for him.
    7:00 - Eat dinner and watch Jeopardy
    7:30 - Walk down to the basketball court and play our nightly game of horse
    8:15 - Shower
    8:30 - Watch a movie or whatever we have DVRed
    10:00 - Curl up in bed and fall asleep on her while she reads a book

    Rinse. Repeat.

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    The grad student life....

    7:15 am - start hitting snooze button on alarm clock.

    8 am- SO leaves for work. I thank him for making me tea and toast and leaving it on the bedside table.

    8:30-9:00 have tea and toast while internetting and trying to wake up.

    9:00- dress and wash face etc.

    9:15 walk to school.

    9:45 - Lab work begins.

    For a change of pace, I sit at my computer and curse at the experimental results (procrastinate with the help of the internet), schedule time to use other people's (very expensive) equipment, or fight with the purchasing department. Or, I have meetings whereby I explain my work and then discuss what I'm going to do next. I also spend time finding and then reading scientific papers.

    Sometimes I have lunch.

    4 pm - Call SO and discuss when I'm leaving the lab.

    If I leave at 6- I walk to my SO's workplace and we then walk home. We do dishes, I make supper.

    If I leave at 9 pm, my SO picks me up, we both agree that we are too tired to cook, and get fast food.

    Supper to 10:30: Eating while watching Dvds. (Usually a sci fi series)

    10:30 pm - shower (optional, if more sleep is required)

    10:30- 11- bedtime.

    12 pm- 1 am- I fall asleep.

    Weekend Variations: Sleep in until 10-11 am, feed cats, make breakfast. Internet. Housework. Go into the lab for 4-8 hours. Shower. Sex. Sleep. Occasionally, I go out Friday or Saturday nights.

    I take a full day off every 3 weeks.

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    My classes dictate my schedule, but here's what I've been doing for the last 6 weeks Mon.-Thurs:

    6:00a.m.-6:20/6:40 - Wake up and get ready for school
    6:45/7:00ish - Catch bus to the city
    ~7:45 - get off bus and walk to class
    8:00-11:10 a.m. - Class
    11:30-3:30 (mon. & wed. only) - Go to tutoring job and either tutor students, do more homework, go to library, eat, or surf the internet.
    3:40ish - catch bus back to the suburbs (read one of the 5ish books I am simultaneously reading...and I often fall asleep during the ride home)
    Between 4:30-5:00 get back home and then bum out for the rest of the night, or go out to visit/go out to dinner with friends...but on Mondays I play beach volleyball with friends from 4:30-8p.m.
    Around 8 - watch tv, read, surf the web, shower
    ~12:00a.m. - bedtime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    5 AM: Wake-up

    2:30-3:30AM - Bedtime
    Just thinking about your lack of sleep makes me woozy.

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    08:00:00 - The blaring sound of a CD, classical music on the radio, the ringing of my phone, and the annoying persistent beep-beep-beep of my alarm clock all start at once.
    08:00:15 - I realize where and when I am, and hope I have some condition that would allow me to call in sick.
    08:01:00 - After taking a few deep breaths and realizing nothing is wrong, I curse. The cell phone alarm clock stops ringing. I hit the snooze on the other two alarm clocks flanking my bed, and wish yet again that my arm could stretch to a great enough length for me to also hit the snooze on the CD playing alarm clock.
    08:11:00 - After ten minutes of attempting to sleep, the three snoozing alarm clocks wake me up again.


    08:44:00 - Roll out of bed and stumble to the kitchen.
    08:45:00 - Start brewing coffee.
    08:46:00 - Pee. Yes, coffee comes first.
    08:47:00 - Wash hands. Check internet.
    08:50:00 - The coffee that one person has described as 'strong enough to strip paint. How the hell do you drink this crap?' is done brewing. Pour approximately four cups of coffee into my big cock -- a giant rooster mug that my mother got me for Christmas one year. Make it more drinkable with some coffeemate flavored creamer junk.
    08:52:00 - Sit down with coffee. Smoke cigarette. Check email, forums, news, and comics.
    09:00:00 - Sit down on toilet. Consider cooking with less spinach and garlic.
    09:15:00 - Take a long, almost scaldingly hot shower. Daydream.
    09:45:00 - Start attempting to get dressed, discover anything that I might wear is horribly wrinkled, and proceed to iron.
    10:30:00 - All dressed and ready to go, leave for work.
    10:31:00 - Realize I forgot something. Look for it.
    10:55:00 - Leave for work again.
    11:05:00 - Arrive at office. Get back on the Internet and write just enough code to lull the boss into thinking I'm brilliant and somewhat productive.


    15:30:00 - Realize I haven't eaten yet today. Jump up from desk and run out to get something to eat.
    14:00:00 - Return from lunch, continue to pretend to work.


    19:05:00 - Go home.
    19:15:00 - Porn.
    20:00:00 - Food. Probably something with a lot of spinach and garlic.
    21:45:00 - Movie, drink.
    23:30:00 - Internet or writing or more porn or game.
    03:00:00 - After hours of restlessly attempting to find some sense of accomplishment in my day, go to bed.

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    jump out of bed and pour cereal/milk into large measuring cup while fighting off dizziness from standing up too quickly. eat cereal on back porch in underwear.

    hop around on one foot trying to get pants on while simultaneously brushing teeth. throw stuff in pack, grab wallet/keys/mobile, lock front door

    unlock front door, run back inside and put shirt on, quickly lock front door. fumble with keys, drop keys, lock the front door

    drive to work

    arrive at work.

    sit down at meeting late and begin browsing the internet. occasionally feign interest in the discussion.

    drive home

    nap time.

    make sandwhich, drive back to work. eat sandwhich while driving.

    1:15 - 4:45
    feverishly complete whatever i was supposed to complete by the day prior

    go home, poker

    6:00 - 7:00
    shao-lin kung fu

    7:15 - 8:45
    poker/poker reading or research. eat a handful of various snacks for dinner.

    9:00 - 10:15
    running and weights

    10:30 - shower, watch poker or good show on tv with roommate, talk with lady friend

    1:30 - sleep

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