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    on any given day i'll wake up and be 8/10 happy.

    i should work on that.

    also, though i look sullen a lot, it's really just my face.

    i've learnt that smiling for no apparent reason is cause for stares from the general i put up my blank face by defualt a lot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    Depends on how much I'm living up to my own expectations.
    This, although the catch is I always set them a touch too high to meet, so on the low side. The classical melancholy was a workaholic.
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    A lonely island where only what is permitted
    to move moves, becomes an ideal.

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    Can't really answer this. It's all over the place for me. Depends on many things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    I am convinced that some people are just genuinely happier than others and that they aren't simply "faking it." There's always been a huge contrast between my giddy mother and my brooding father.

    My base happiness level, just like my base energy level, is quite low. I'm not going to assign a number to it, but it appears to be lower than the general population. Some people just genuinely aren't good at being happy.

    Armchair psychologists like to refer to this as "depression," but it's really not the case. Some people are happier than others and some people are less happy. Those who fall under the general population's happiness level can still experience's just less often.
    From what searching I've personally done to find out what happiness is, does it exist, and does everyone have the same capacity to feel it, if it does exist??.... I've heard about 50% of our happiness comes from genetics. If you're looking at an individual's pie chart of happiness....they only have control of 1/2 of thier happiness...I saw a movie called "Happy" that stated this. I thought it was interesting. Not completely sold on that yet.

    But I tend to think that some people just have the innate ability to be happier than others.

    I think I rate more towards the low to low-medium side of the scale. I have defined the "emotion" as dreaminess. That's as far up the emotional scale I get so far. Maybe a little bit of "hopefulness" as well, but it's seldom.

    So I have friends that wake up cheery every morning, without having to even set an intention.

    I on the other hand, try to consciously think thoughts that feel better and if I don't set an intention in the morning to let happiness come into my life...I don't feel it.

    I have a lot of energy...just not towards people...I'm more task oriented and it's more momentum based.

    So I don't know if energy of a person corresponds to how happy we are. It's a thought though

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    But it's not about being chronically's simply about being less happy than the average person.

    I find it quite interesting that the majority of the users here claim that they are happier than the average person. Either this forum is insanely happy, or everyone is more average than they might think.
    I tend to agree. I think the issue is there is no readily available metric for "average happiness". All I can say is I am generally happy (in the sense of not being unhappy) and I think most people are the same way. So I am just average happy.

    I'd say I there are about 4 primary states a person can be in (you could subdivide these further but best to keep it simple for now):

    1) Super happy - doing something really fun - like vacations or special occassion activities you really love
    2) Somewhat happy - a more general state of liesure - like reading, watching TV/movie, socializing, whatever - just the normal things you do to fill your free time
    3) The state of "Meh" - the state you are in while working/doing chores - not really happy, but generally not miserable. Dealing with the necessities of life until you can return to state #2. One could also be in this state when just plain bored.
    4) Unhappy - the state you are in when dealing with problems or stress. Maybe loneliness puts some people into this state too.

    I guess I spend the vast majority of my waking hours in states 2 & 3, with a small percentage in states 1 & 4. I'd guess most people are the same. There is a mantra about "loving your job" floating around that I think is primarily bullshit. If it's really true, I'm probably less happy than the average "job lover".

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    I am relatively depressed, unmotivated, and anxious all the time.Sometimes I can spend the whole day without such handicaps, but once one bad thought comes into mind and I don't leave it alone, I end up in an endless spiral of anxiousness, and this physically hurts my head when it gets had enough. The only hobby I enjoy anymore is exerxise (hiking through nature spexifically) because of this. Even video games and learning is a chore for me nkwadays. I have to be on vicodin or something similar in order to enjoy basic activities like the ones menrioned previously. (Excuse spelling errors I am using a phone D: )

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