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    Quote Originally Posted by Saudade View Post
    Why is this even a thing..?
    Cause someone said something was happening tomorrow, but insisted that "a week from this sunday" really meant the 10th. Which seemed crazy to me, but, whatever, now I'm not doing that thing tomorrow.

    But then I asked two different people the same question as above and, with less insistence than the first person but still with a fair measure of confidence they also both replied that the correct answer was the 10th!

    So I thought maybe there is something I've failed to understand about english dates my entire adult life (and a good part of my youth) or maybe there is just some sort of confusion about this, as I thought it was obvious that there is an implied "this upcoming Sunday" in there.

    In any case I can tell that person they are full of doo-doo now cause they just screwed up and gave me the wrong date.

    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    I think they just forgot how calendars work. Perhaps lingering effects from the Halloween sugar high?
    Good theory but recall this happened near the end of the week before two weeks before this upcoming sunday after tomorrow, that is at least 7200 minutes before Halloween.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    Good theory but recall this happened near the end of the week before two weeks before this upcoming sunday after tomorrow, that is at least 7200 minutes before Halloween.
    Oh, yeah. In that case, they just screwed up. Maybe thought it was a week later in the month than it actually was.

    If they had said "a week from next Sunday", there would be a discussion. I tend to refer to the 1st Sunday from the current date as "this Sunday", and the 2nd Sunday as "next Sunday". That can cause confusion, since some people do the same and others don't.

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    Maybe you'll luck out and the world will simply end before either date.

    Edit: ooops, guess not.

    Edit2: I would have answered the 3rd as well.
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