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    I realise today that I cant follow my dream because I'm not really done with this one yet. Ship with no anchor, rudder or propeller...

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    i got prescribed tesalon perles and they're giving me a really bad headache and not really stopping the cough. Everyone's like oh that's a great non narcotic cough supressant. fucking bullshit, god damnit everyone in this house should die. my headache is worse than the one i got when i withdrew from lamictal and that's pretty horendous.good note my housemate gave me 3 advils which i just took. It feels like there's golf ball sized tumors growing in my head.

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    The kindle app sucks.

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    The other day I realised that I'm pretty darn mediocre, so darn mediocre that even my mediocrity is mediocre in its scale and intensity. This wasn't the first time I have realised this and it won't be the last. This time however is different. I gave in and finally started writing my novel (the one I was supposed to only fantasise about and never get around to writing) and it too is mediocre. I wanted the work to move with grace and elegance but it plods along like a tractor instead. Why am I operating encumbered? Was there not a time where I would write, convey imagery, move mountains and decree "I'm enjoying this!" or was it all imagined?

    I wait to see whether the inhibited flow is a passing ailment - a climb down from the apex to help wither the storm before the eventual re-ascension or whether this height is the furthest I can go. If it is I would be disappointed.

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    I'm totally pissed that I spent all of my winter break sick. First a bad infection in my jawbone and right when I was getting over that, struck down with the worst case of flu I've the kids, too. I've still got a bad cough and the winter quarter starts Monday. I have to spend this weekend preparing for it, getting my house straight, running errands, and doing all the tasks I would have done if I hadn't been sick.

    I didn't get to have any fun, go anywhere or indulge in very much merrymaking at all *whine*.

    *pleads for rain-check*

    On the bright-side, just two more quarters and I'm done (well, sorta...after graduation, I'll be right back in school)!

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    I can't believe I haven't talked with @Sinmara forever!!

    *whines and bitches around*
    I Think I Am Alright | Forever Flowing

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    Worked my ass off to dinner ( Ramen, meat and all from scratchand tempura kabocha) by that time I was so hungry my stomach hurt.Still, ramen is made one portion at a time so I of course served myself last.

    As I slid a bowl towards my dinner quest she stared at the plate of kabocha while stuffing a piece in her face.
    "Three pieces per person? That wont last long!"

    Bitch, I am sore and hungry! I'm not gonna make an new batch of tempure before I can even eat my own dinner just so you can eat it all.
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    I bit off way more than I could chew w/ the Hunters and Hunted and just ignored it until I got replaced because I didn't have time for it and should've known I wouldn't be able to do it :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitoshi-San View Post
    I bit off way more than I could chew w/ the Hunters and Hunted and just ignored it until I got replaced because I didn't have time for it and should've known I wouldn't be able to do it :/
    Even replaced and currently dead, you are one of us
    “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." A.C. Doyle

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    Default Body Therapy and Whining

    When I was a little boy I started to whine, but I was stopped by my father and mother, and it was made plain to me that it wasn't manly. However when I grew up and started to liberate myself I allowed myself to whine, to make a whining noise with my mouth which soon encompassed my whole body. I found this incredibly releasing. I only had to do it twice. And today I look back fondly on my own whining.

    What is interesting is that the whining was not intellectual, it was a verbal whining that encompassed my whole body.

    I do think that doing Reichian Body Therapy prepared me to be able to release my repression through whining.

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