Hotmail has now started grouping conversations, like Gmail.

I dont mean inbox (this is optional), I mean when you search for an address or word.

You just want to find one f****ing email and you find yourself in a thread of 3,000 unrelated emails, then when you click on the one you want you have to follow 5 steps to access the adress of the person. Or I want to write to one person but it appears in a thread of 100 people, I don't know who the **** I am even writing to, plus they hide the quoted section of the email.

I haven't ever got caught out by this because I am very paranoid and aware, but it takes extra time and effort for each email, which is a veritable assault on the senses, when in the past it was a simple, isolated task, essentially fool-proof.

Google is now "personalized" to help you be "connected", so if you sign in to gmail suddenly this is linked ot every video you ever watched, now they want to put you on Google Plus too so your grandmother can find you.

Likewise Hotmail-Twitter-BBM-Flickr-Facebook. If I write "shit" to a friend on twitter it will show up on BBM, probably hotmail via profile, and through an outlook account for, some fucker can probably see my holiday pictures and every comment anyone ever made on my wall or that I wrote to anyone.

Sure if you have 5 hours per day to look up how to change htese settings, maybe you can be ok, but what if you have a job and a life and don't spend your time managine your scial media profile?

I am waiting for the day when if I write a message on TypoC it will automatically be posted on FB and sent to every social media contact.

I think there was a golden age when communication technology provided easy connections and information and free content, this probably lasted 5 years max, now it seems it's sophistication has overtaken mere mortals, therefore it can only be managed by professionals with the time and resources to manage it, by definition working for companies a vested interest in collecting your information and "sharing" it. Motherfuckers.

A bit like happened with the financial system.

Still there is a semi-solution: keep everything anonymous, click "no" to every "improvement", and never comment anything online. This what I do.