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That implies that simply not being nice makes you extraordinary, in and of itself. You can still be an ordinary run of the mill jerk.
It seemed to mean more in terms of when one is asked to describe something or someone – how a dress fits a woman, for instance. Saying she looks “fine” does not speak to whether it is a beautiful dress, smoking hot, whether it gives her a sinewy sway to her movements, etc. It is a blanket adjective that can be used when one doesn’t wish to give a straight answer or isn’t regarding the subject with much thought, and therefore has a mildly negative connotation with many.

Jaguar and Juggernaut, among others, might wish to know what make them unique and interesting, not what includes them in a category with a million other people.

It’s like calling a girl “cute”. A field of possible land mines at times because the recipient of the compliment isn’t entirely sure what ye mean, as the term is used all the time to describe everything from small children to stuffed animals.

Differing personal definitions contribute to misunderstandings, so clarification is always beneficial.