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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post
    It probably is. It's in our genetic code too probably.

    Just as much as men are immediately attracted to hot women; women are attracted to powerful/influential/rich men. Of course looks help too.
    i am not sure i buy that:
    did our genetic code really have enough time to adapt to modern economics? i think "the attraction" might be a lot more simpler then that... it's like when a teenage girl dates someone older with a car - most of the time it's because it's nice for a teenager to have an available car.similarly it might not that a woman would be attracted to someone who can afford a large house, traveling anywhere in the world, hire household help or shower her with gifts - but rather it's the sort of woman who would like to have a large house, to travel around the world, hire household help and have those gifts...

    i guess what i am wondering: is it really the attraction to the men, or merely the attraction to the lifestyle that comes in the package? perhaps the requirements are have that lifestyle as an ambition but not have the self esteem to believe that they can attain it through their own means?

    (FYI, this is 99.99% guess work - just throwing possibilities out there)

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    I agree with your position, @Mane

    Even if there is a way to state that women are attracted to "strength", the way of defining what strength is would be entirely subjective. Wealth is one specific, contextual, subjective application of the concept "strength". For myself, I have always chosen partners who were the most intelligent and clear in their logic when discussing ideas. I probably interpret that as "strength". I don't see wealthy people as strong because that "strength" is wholly dependent upon and defined by something external. That seems more like the roll of the dice to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    I agree with your position, @Mane

    Even if there is a way to state that women are attracted to "strength", the way of defining what strength is would be entirely subjective. Wealth is one specific, contextual, subjective application of the concept "strength".
    Yeah, absolutely.

    I've never been attracted to those sorts of men, that I can remember. Like the powerful bulky 8 types. I had an uncle who was sort of like that and he was a great guy, but for sure not my type. I loved some of his philosophies... like that if you have enough money to do [whatever], it doesn't matter how you look. One night I remember he took us to this fancy waterside restaurant, we pulled up in the speedboat, and I think he was wearing khaki shorts. And he bought his new Porsche with a single check while in sweatpants. But that's more the way I want to be, not to have my partner be.

    In terms of a partner, I'm drawn to conscientiousness and self-sufficiency. I do appreciate the "refined" gentleman aesthetic of the early 1900s where men could dress and behave in a cultured, sophisticated manner and that was completely in line with expression of masculinity... I don't think a man should have to be "raw" to be considered attractive. For me attraction is less related to power or influence, and more about them being an ethical and intellectual person who desires to engage positively. I definitely still have the primal drive to have a protective partner, but it doesn't manifest in that raw sort of way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolita View Post
    Anyone to whom money and status is very important is very unattractive to me.

    Confidence is good and not caring what others think is even better, but stocky and primal? No thanks.
    This is lucky for me.
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    Words are wind.

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    I will not lie, I like a nice/active body and confidence. I also like warmth of character... and intelligence and humor and inner strength.
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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