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    Default Why all the sudden Marilyn Monroe hate?

    Men and women have loved this icon for ages now, or whatever, and some haters are gonna hate.

    But. Lately I've noticed a trend, particularly on Facebook, where guys (in particular) are getting irritated and posting posts saying basically "She's a whore, not a philosopher! Stop listening to her!"

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this trend.. but, even outside of the puzzling inquiry of how her sexuality equates to her intelligence in any level, why would this girl being quoted in particular be infuriating for others? Is it just a 'I'm sick of seeing her everywhere' thing, or is there something a bit deeper there?
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    It's boring, but it doesn't make me angry. I feel the same way when guy's quote Drake lyrics and other phallic stock phrases.

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    She was a drug addict, pill-popping, serial adulterer, a home wrecker, a bad actress, famous for being a sloot, had sex with a president and his brother, etc.

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    I think social media has probably blasted her quotes into people's faces at a higher volume than ever before. "Facebook philosophy" in general can be pretty tiresome, and I've seen some backlash against that whole idea as well. She's kinda the poster child for it. It doesn't help that she's a pretty face and not known first for her philosophical contributions to humanity. Too much of a thing that just isn't holding up to it I suppose.
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    I'm just tired of her, but I don't especially hate her. I can't help but roll my eyes when people use her as an icon of "real" beauty and being okay with who you are, considering she was brutally unhappy with her weight, dyed her hair blonde, and got a nose job. She also wasn't as big as people say, since clothing sizes have changed since her time. A lot of people will post a picture of her, and say something stupid like: "a damn sight better than the skinny whores we worship today!" I think she represented an unfair standard beauty in her time as well, and made lots of women feel inadequate, so I don't see how it's fair to criticize the Monroe's of today, just because they happen to be skinnier.

    She also has become some sort of patron saint/sage figure for women on Facebook. It confuses me. I guess I should be happy that women are co-opting the symbols of their oppression and turning them into symbols of empowerment, I just have a hard time with the historical inaccuracy of it.

    I certainly don't campaign against her or anything, but since you're asking me, I thought I'd add my two cents. I haven't noticed much of a general backlash, but I can see why there would be one.

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    This is weird, Ive not noticed it.
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    Because a lot of the quotes cannot be traced back to her. It's BS. Same goes for many other often-shared characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    Because a lot of the quotes cannot be traced back to her. It's BS. Same goes for many other often-shared characters.

    "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." - Snoop Lion, said to JFK before toking up.

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    Yeah, the quote thing is annoying. I find it funny how it's used by most to justify some kind of egotistical, self righteous, insert adjective that is something generally considered negative here kind of way.
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