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Thread: Roots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA View Post
    I was going to make an in-bred joke, but you ruined it!!!!!

    William the Conquerer? How did they trace back that far?! Thats still pretty cool. That makes you of partial french heritage, right... but going back that far probably doesn't count in terms of nationality, does it?

    My mum's sister did loaaaads of research into out family tree, and traced back our ancestors to some book, can't remember what it's called off the top of my head, and that has all the family trees of nobility and royalish people, going back to good old Will xD so, as soon as she found that ancestor who linked us to that book, it was easy to trace it much further back
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    Very well documented on Dad's side back to 1436 - that's not a birth or death date, but the date when my earliest documented ancestor entered a tournament of arms at Rouen, France. And the vast majority of them came from France, except in the mid 1800's there was an injection of Prussian blood in the form of Franz von Koetlitz, who was the doctor on board Captain Cook's ship, Discovery - the ship's in Dundee at the moment and my brother's seen his name plaque still above the cabin door. His brother lived at Hauteville House, Guernsey (Channel Islands, belong to the UK but much nearer to France) and sold it to Victor Hugo, who left it to the national tourist board on his death. My dad was brought up between Falaise, Normandy and Enfield, London, in an upper middle class existence.

    On my mother's side, her mother was from the poorest Welsh mining community in Gwynedd and her dad was a clockmaker from London with French parents. Tracing Joneses in Gwynedd pre-20th century is like needles in haystacks, but the clockmaker was from a long line of Parisian bourgeoisie who can be traced as merchants, goldsmiths and fine craftsmen back to before the French Revolution. My mom was brought up though, on a poor social housing estate near London, where her parents ended up after the clockmaker hit hard times in the 50's.

    I was brought up all over the place, from one place to another, increasingly rural and derelict as the family got poorer and poorer thanks to mom's um, retail therapy and the debts it got us in while dad was driving trucks on the mainland. Longest time I lived anywhere was about six years in a farmhouse in the middle of the Lincolnshire Fens that hadn't been lived in since Victoria's time and had no modern facilities or conveniences - not even piped water. Then I moved to an inner city social housing estate with my mom after my parents divorced and lived there until I left home at 15, for a short stint in a shared house before spending almost a year homeless, living in a nearby wood.

    Then I moved house again and again, getting married and having two kids and changing sex and getting divorced in the process of ending up where I currently am, in Lincoln, England. I've moved house 23 times in total in my life, but I've been living here nearly 10 years now. And I'm planning on moving soon
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    I am from California. I was born in the same hospital as my dad, but my mom was born in Nigeria and was an MK.

    Iím mostly Norwegian, followed by German, Russian, British and French.

    I love pillaging towns and fighting in world wars! And I have heard that I am related to a king from Norway that was over-thrown and killed. I donít think he was an ENTJÖ

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