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    oh yes a one at a time version might be the way to go...i was overwhelmed.

    so many songs compiled together and of course i had to listen to them all... the beginning...there was...

    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    'Crazy calypso' (Donkey Kong Country 3 soundtrack)
    MGMT - Kids
    'Hadouken Theme' (Street Fighter II Victory soundtrack)
    Gorillaz - Tomorrow comes today
    'Near's theme b' (Death Note soundtrack)
    Disturbed - Night
    Enigma - Return to innocence
    Waterboys - This is the sea
    Armandinho - Lua cheia
    Soul Town - The Motherhood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    i just got lost on youtube for 2 hours. thanks. :/
    *heavy sigh* I'm...not...
    I'm unable to talk about what just happened to me. Maybe after some therapy...

    I'm almost wondering if some sort of 'type related' warning should be inserted into the title.


    Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana

    True Faith - New Order

    Con Te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli
    Traditional. Family song.

    She’s Always in My Hair – Prince
    This song is a masterpiece and one of my favorites of all time yet… whatever ‘The Artist Formerly Known As…’ does to keep his songs off the internet ($$$) works. Asshole! How are poor people supposed to enjoy your music?

    Your Song (must be Live in Australia version) - Elton John
    So excuse me for forgetting
    but these things I do.
    Oh I’ve forgotten
    if they’re green or they’re blue.
    Anyway, the thing is
    what I really mean…
    Those are the sweetest eyes
    I’ve ever seen.

    Stand Back - Stevie Nicks
    When all the other little girls were off playing ‘House’ or ‘Princess’… There was one little girl very seriously playing ‘Witch.’

    Come Talk to Me - Peter Gabriel

    Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan

    Aicha - Cheb Khaled
    From my time living in Egypt. ‘Aicha’ is an old, French love song… that Khaled remade into what became one of the most popular songs in the Middle East. I actually love the song but a good deal of its popularity can be attributed to the fact that Aicha is/was (also) the name of the Prophet Mohammad’s main wife. I wish @YWIR was here to confirm this damn you! (I miss you)… but I’m pretty sure this song is considered an ‘anthem for women.’

    It Had to be You - Frank Sinatra
    Another family song.

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    Thelonious Monk

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    Quote Originally Posted by human101 View Post
    Thelonious Monk
    At least you didn't say 'Music'...

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    I can't resist. (but could make probably 20 of these lists)

    1. 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' - Elton John - represents my early childhood. I didn't listen to much music during this time, as outside of classical music, music wasn't much of an element of my family/upbringing growing up; I just wasn't exposed to it. But this was definitely my favorite song, of the limited number of cassette tapes my parents put in the car for family vacation road-trips. Loved the melody and lyrics, got excited when it started playing, sang it [badly].
    2. 'Crucify' - Tori Amos - suitably captures the mood of my teenage years, also from that time period/became familiar with this artist at that time
    3. 'Spin Spin Sugar' - Sneaker Pimps/Moby remix - college recollection/ sums up time period, #1
    4. 'Two Step' - Dave Matthews Band - college recollection/ sums up time period, #2
    5. 'EZ' - Pete Yorn - first few yrs post-college
    6. 'Galvanize' - Chemical Brothers - mid-20's, started traveling, song symbolizes/reminds me of that time period
    7. 'Dirty Road' - Days of the New - mid-20's /ongoing
    8. 'After All' - Dar Williams - late 20's / ongoing
    9. 'My Love' - The Bird and the Bee
    10. 'Circuital' - My Morning Jacket - Summary
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

    My Photography and Watercolor Fine Art Prints!!! Cascade Colors Fine Art Prints

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    Fantastic thread idea.
    ... I told you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    ... I told you!
    I contributed, though!

    I'd post more songs, but I'm not allowed.
    EJCC: "The Big Questions in my life right now: 1) What am I willing to live with? 2) What do I have to live with? 3) What can I change for the better?"
    Coriolis: "Is that the ESTJ Serenity Prayer?"

    ESTJ - LSE - ESTj (mbti/socionics)
    1w2/7w8/3w4 so/sx (enneagram)
    member of the month (May 2018)
    want to ask me something? go for it!

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    Soundtrack of my life:

    Invisible Touch- Genesis
    Early childhood. When life and everything was new, my world was immersed with magic of 80s music, fantasy fairy tale worlds, etc.

    Too Many Walls- Cathy Dennis
    Aesthetically fits my mindset and experiences when I was in early elementary school. Still with yearning idealism, even with wistful yearning with others' experiences. Sensitivity, etc.

    Inside Out- Phil Collins
    Dealing with kids in school, bullying, and the like. Not a fun time.

    I Want You- Savage Garden
    Middle school. Getting crushes for the first time, dances, feeling of anticipation of year 2000, futuristic sci-fi worlds, my thing for creating fairy lands through my writing and artwork, magic, yet feeling kind of out of place as a result.

    Abacab- Genesis
    High school. Was a transitional period for me, discovering who I am, where I belonged.

    Round of the Princesses (from Firebird Suite)- Tomita
    Deaths in the family during high school years.

    A Curious Feeling- Tony Banks
    Entering college and real life hit me. It was a cynical period of my life, but at the same time, I also become more self-aware and encountered much personal growth.

    I'll Be Waiting- Tony Banks
    Getting over my shyness in the dating scene in college. Overall, the atmosphere and aesthetic of this piece also reflects the mood I was in when I was going to college.

    Tonight Tonight Tonight- Genesis
    Going to work for the first time in college years, as well as immersing in 80s music. Yet more focus on musical atmosphere here.

    Forevermore- Dorian Gray
    Present day. Taking a chance to pursue my passions, feeling pent up by the restrictions in my situation, yearning to realize my dreams, wanting freedom, exploring inner magical universes, and ridding myself of things from the past that only serve to take away my liberty, great deal of personal growth and looking towards the future.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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