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    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    That's a good one, but it's not one I've been able to personally relate to. It's also not clear to me if the song is caused by the title, or the title is caused by the song. I prefer the latter.... while I haven't made any decisions on the subject, I lean way more towards one side than the other.
    I decided against including it because my relationship with the song is not deep enough; I simply enjoy the blunt contrarian nature of the lyrics. However, I would bet that the title is caused by the song.

    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    You did include what might very well be my favorite Bob Dylan song ever (not an easy choice). Although that's not my favorite recording.... I can't find a video of it, but it's on a live album I have.
    It is certainly not my favorite recording of the song either. I just did not find any other on YouTube. I prefer the studio version. Obviously, it is also one of my favorite Dylan songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    I decided against including it because my relationship with the song is not deep enough; I simply enjoy the blunt contrarian nature of the lyrics. However, I would bet that the title is caused by the song.
    The two Mountain Goats songs I selected don't match up lyrically, but the underlying composition of moods are relevant to the two periods I selected.

    The rest of the songs match pretty well lyricallly, if not 100% perfectly. I wonder how transparent the meaning of them is? To me what they mean is very obvious. It's strange putting together my life like that, I hadn't really done that before. Funny, how even sharing someone's else's meaningful words can seem like too much.

    Also, never heard of Bill Fay, but I like him.
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    #2: Lemon ~ U2 (I could tell you but then your mind would explode because of the hidden unicorn bounding through your thoughts and then holy crackers it's a moonbeam of jello tasting like lemons and then suddenly you want to buy a feather boa that's turquoise and go swimming into the Antarctic waters of your memories.)

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    Some parents can be too hard. Mine were probably the hardest you've ever met. Ahhh, but I loved them anyway. For years, I wished I was born into a different family, but as it turned out, they were exactly what I needed. They're alright.

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    Fascination Street - The Cure
    Age 6 or so, listening to the Cure on my ESFP sister's bedroom floor, staring up at fashion collages she made on the wall. Obsessions begin. My mysterious ENFP goth half-sister furthered this fascination with 80s "death rock", as it was called then.

    Hit - Sugarcubes
    My cool ENFP used to make us mixed tapes. I remember Sugarcubes & Cocteau Twins the most. Loved it!
    If I really liked a song, then I'd make up new lyrics for it. I remember doing that with this song.

    Subbacultcha - The Pixies (pretty much the whole Trompe Le Monde album)
    Their lyrics were so hilarious to me. I remember my sister & her friends playing this a lot, along with The Violent Femmes & Smashing Pumpkins when they'd play pool & I was a tagalong.

    Silver Waterfalls - Siouxsie and the Banshees
    I became obsessed with Siouxsie as a child. I was totally fascinated by her persona & loved the imagery in her lyrics. Her voice was so distinct to me as well. I remember playing this song a lot on my walkmen on a road trip with family once.

    People Are People - Depeche Mode
    Another song I'd hear my sister play. She used to have 106.7 KROQ (an LA alternative rock station) on all the time & it was stuff like this that would come on. Sometime in the mid to late 90s that station just went totally downhill though (like most radio). Of course, I liked the message in this song also.

    What A Man - Salt-N-Pepa
    My best friend at the time & I memorized all the lyrics because we thought the song was idiotically hilarious. I also secretly liked En Vogue, but publicly I'd only admit to listening to stuff like the Smashing Pumpkins.

    The More You Ignore Me - Morrissey
    I was obsessed with this song. I thought it was a love song & that Morrissey had the best voice I'd ever heard.

    Stay - Lisa Loeb
    I used to love to sing this song as a kid. And people told me I looked like a mini Lisa Loeb cuz I had HUGE glasses. This song kind of annoys me now.

    Common People - Pulp
    I remember my sister playing this while getting ready to go out to these Brit Pop / 60s Soul clubs with her friends. The whole Working Class album left a mark on me. Jarvis Cocker's wit!

    TOO MUCH MUSIC! This doesn't even begin to cover all the songs that stand out to me. I was really into music as a child (still am).... There are so many songs I remember getting really obsessed with for a time. Most of these were taste-shapers for me though (except Loeb & Sal-N-Pepa).

    This is all pre-age 10, except for Pulp. I could make separate lists for the teen years, then college years, then the recent years.

    My older sister's tastes were obviously a huge influence on me also. We still share music, but now I tend to find the new stuff. But the 80s/early 90s music is still my favorite.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    i just got lost on youtube for 2 hours. thanks. :/
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Anew Leaf


    #2*: Bittersweet Symphony ~ Verve Something Something Beer Homer Delicious Cake Pie STOMP CHOMP NOMNOMONOMOM. (Ok, in all seriousness, whenever this song comes on, I haz to turn the sound up until the waves of air threaten to discombobulate the very fabric of time around the vortex of my car and then I sing along with it and glorious angel butts fly out of my mouth and create a wealth and wreath of rainbowed haloes around my brow and the beautiful riches of the mountains walk down to the river where I stand but then I am not there and it's all what just happened? But shh it's all ok because I am a million different people from one day to the next. And I'm a slave to the song but then I die-I. Also bees, killer bees, come flying out as well and then the world just ends.)


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