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Time is managed by the clock.

But time flows by the season, by day and night, by our biologic rhythms.

Machines are managed by the clock, while we move to our own rhythms.

When we are managed by the clock, we become machines, we start to think like machines, we start to move like machines.

We think we can manage ourselves by four letters.

An alarm clock wakes us in the morning by alarming us to the mechanical tasks that lie ahead. And like obedient children we move through the day with one eye on the clock.

Time though longs to break free from the strictures of the clock. But the clock is ever alert to those making a break for freedom and will crucify you like Spartacus as though the hands of the clock are not crucified every minute by numbers.

The clock is a Christian invention by the monasteries of the Middle Ages who tolled the hours, some for work, some for prayer and some for study, culminating in the assembly line of Henry Ford, not so much a man of the cloth, but a man of the clock.

"History is bunk", said Henry, "There is no room for dancing on my assembly line. I have assembled you as if in church to worship the clock".

So I threw away my watch into the Karuah River and grew my hair long and found time followed me every day. But even time gets tired and slows right down until it lies down and dies. Time stops and I enter another world, sans time, sans clocks.

Sans time and sans culottes I flow into another world.
Tell me about it. January 1st means nothing to me - my new year still starts where it did before 1752, the more sensible place for it to start: spring.

And my body clock has consistently made it impossible for me to sleep outside the hours of 3am to 11am since my infancy, regardless of what social commitments require of me. I would've been one of the night watchers in the cave tribe, but in this life, I'm just exhausted all the time.

I grew up in an area where most church clocks only have one hand. My dad's watch also had only one hand, which he used exclusively 'til he died 3 years ago. I use it now.

People call that irresponsible. And yet, I'm never late.

Incidentally... it wasn't Christianity that put the minute and second hands on the clocks... that was capitalism