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Thread: Ideal vacations

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    Default Ideal vacations

    I don't know where this thread should go so I just decided randomly to put it here.

    Someone I know who is on their way back from a vacation texted me "I need a vacation, this one was exhausting".

    I have definitely felt that way while on "vacation" or after returning from one - like I felt more tired after the vacation, what with all the running around trying to fit so many things into such a short amount of time. At the same time, I could get bored "just relaxing" too. That made me think about what would be the ideal vacation?

    I think going somewhere beautiful and tranquil that has available options of activities that I could choose to do, but I would not make any plans or think ahead of what I wanted to do. I would not build up any expectations in my mind of things I "must see" or "must do". Basically, I would like to do things at my leisure (or not) and fly by the seat of my pants (or not) on a vacation and not have any regrets of whatever I choose to do. If I go to, say a beach, for a vacation, I could do nothing but lie on the beach and read for 2 weeks straight and do nothing else and eat nothing else but coconuts and never regret this.

    I think part of the appeal of vacation to me is to just be away from home and all that is my normal life, doing anything else.

    What say you?

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    I have found it's best to do a few special things but not try to cram your calendar full of activities. So, plan 2 or 3 things for the week. My ideal is a few rough plans, being in a place of great scenic beauty, in a comfortable room, bring a couple of really great books, having great meals with a bottle of wine, relaxing spending time talking and of course really great sex. I'll be in Santorini in the fall. Hope it will be like that.

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    I just got back from a vacation in Miami. I have twin babies now, so, hard to find something relaxing. That said, I came as close as possible. Great, quiet hotel on the beach with fabulous room service, (cocktails), pool and beach amenities. That's my ideal vacation for a while until my babies are old enough for us to do some serious trekking through Europe and Asia.

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    I like to mix it on vacations, and I do a pretty good job of it.

    On my last one:

    Start out strong--running around, seeing new things, trying new things. Horseback rode into the grand canyon, and hiked around everywhere looking at awesome waterfalls, toured the eastern edge of the canyon, went skydiving, played in an arcade, and hopped on a plane to San Fran.

    Then have a relax day. Didn't do CRAP that day, just watched TV, did some shopping, chilled out in my room, etc.

    Then pace it out a bit--do something cool and pretty but not taxing like seeing some sites or going on a bus tour of some sort, or stroll through some woods.. eat at exciting restaurants.

    After that, hit it again doing something exciting like touring a place that requires a bit of walking, or booking an excursion last minute.

    End on a light note, relaxing scenery (The Japanese Gardens for us) and a fancy dinner with some light drinking.

    On a smaller scale (the one coming up)
    - Travel day, so just settle in and take a self-guided tour of the entire hotel/resort area and go shopping at the markets.
    - 11 hour excursion to mayan ruins and an underground river system. (This was the whole reason for the trip, this stupid river. I saw it on google images and wanted 10 of them.)
    - Spend the next day relaxing, playing at the beach, maybe go out that evening.
    - Spend the morning packing, and maybe do something around the resort until it's time to leave.
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    For ideal vacations you need lots of time and money.

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    My parents once chartered a catamaran to sail them around various islands in the Caribbean for two weeks. Seemed perfect. Someday I'll do the same.

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    I don't care for traveling thousands of miles to find peace and quiet. It above all would need to have a varied and eclectic past, with enough strange architecture to hold my interest. The language should have a sense of humor, the women gorgeous and men covered in hair. Playing chess in Turkey's famed mineral baths with half naked elderly scholars seems like someplace I'd likely start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleuthiness View Post
    I don't care for traveling thousands of miles to find peace and quiet. It above all would need to have a varied and eclectic past, with enough strange architecture to hold my interest. The language should have a sense of humor, the women gorgeous and men covered in hair. Playing chess in Turkey's famed mineral baths with half naked elderly scholars seems like someplace I'd likely start.
    Sounds good, but reverse the men & women for me.
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    Going someplace with nontouristy attractions and great food.
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    I was just thinking about this on my most recent trip.

    I spent a couple days with a friend who is a very go-everywhere, see-everything, check-it-off-the-list kind of person. I like to see stuff and try new things, of course. But I also really love if I can sit, eat an ice cream or pistachios, watch the people (or boats or whatever) go by, or take a walk somewhere away from the hustle and bustle.

    I was thinking a ridiculous book idea (which might even sell) would be What's Your Travel Style? You would take a little quiz at the beginning and then it would talk about how it's good to match with people who have a complementary travel style to you when possible. Of course that's not always possible, so the book would also have tips on travelling with others of a different travel style.

    Mostly we were joking about the idea, but I kind of suspect some people would actually buy it.
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