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    Quote Originally Posted by zago View Post
    Getting abducted by aliens would be a fucking dream come true for me right now. I can't stand this shithole planet.
    I have a little bit of a secret desire to be abducted - just to see what all the fuss is about.

    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    I havent been abducted as far as I know. If they have the technology to manipulate time and erase memories, it's possible. I do have an odd rash on my collarbone but no evidence of having been unknowingly probed.
    I would keep an eye on that collarbone. It could be the result of some of their most recent experimentations.

    I haven't been abducted yet, but I do live near Roswell and my drive home each night gives me that eerie feeling you get when the night sky is exceptionally clear, the moon bright, and the shadows move quickly through the trees.

    Within the past six months our dogs have been barking like crazy in the night, so we go out and have a look around. We would typically expect coyotes to be the trigger for their crazed barking, but the nights have been more silent. A few weeks ago I decided to sit outside and listen for the coyotes, and I once saw a small, grey figure move rapidly through the trees with an unearthly agility. Its grey skin reflected the haunting light of the moon, and its eyes look like giant pools of black oil reflecting a rainbow of inky, shimmering colors. I've sat outside every night since, but haven't seen it again. I've been leaving several dry packs of uncooked Raman noodles out by the tree where I saw it and every morning these are gone. I'm thinking of experimenting by leaving other foods just to see what is taken in the night. Maybe bananas? Fruit smoothies? more noodles? Suggestions are welcomed.
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    Some people wanna build a time machine, I just wanna be abducted.

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