forum game: each poster describes the types by the theme dictated by the poster above them.

for example, let's say the poster above me said D&D races

ESTJ: dwarves
ISTJ: hobbits (1st addition)
ESFJ: halfling (3rd addition)
ISFJ: humans

ENTP: gnome
INTP: kobolds
ENTJ: drow
INTJ: tiefling

ENFP: nymphs
INFP: dryads
ENFJ: high elf
INFJ: illithid

ESTP: half-ogres
ISTP: half-giants
ESFP: centaur
ISFP: satyrs

then i will give the next theme, let's say (just to get the ball rolling): dinosaurs.

note: it can be done cooperatively - if the list above you is incomplete, you finish it.
(the above list was completed by @Amargith @superunknown @Gish and @TheStarchDefenders )

fake edit: wtf are you waiting for? MBTI as dinosaurs! go.