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    Default how do you differ from your type?

    whether it's MBTI, enneagram, socionics, etc'...
    in what ways do you differ - and do not fit - into your own various typological description and stereotypes?

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    ILI Ni


    I tend to procrastinate more than the average INTJ. I also have softer edges and am not as skeptical, precise or tough/critically minded. I'm probably more agreeable than other INTJs, more accepting of others, more trusting, more emotionally and verbally expressive and I compliment people more.

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    I tend to embrace the STP not-giving-a-fuckery shadow a lot more than some. I don't take myself or others as seriously as some appear to.
    I'm more like an IxTP hybrid, but still INFJ at the core. Just adapted to my environment. Lean on Ti more (huff the NiTi gas). I'm more tolerant than some of my INFJ brethren- likely because I can't be bothered to take certain things seriously. I factor where these things stand in the big picture beyond my own personal feelings, and I realize how little they really matter, and what a waste of time/energy it is to get worked up about it. Leaning more heavily on Ti (coping mechanism developed over time), I have little issue in questioning myself, and I suppose that's another reason I don't find certain situations distressing. I'm comfortable with the unknown. I guess in short, I feel I've got a thicker skin than some.

    Also, Fe-user or not, I'm conditioned to be rather touch-averse. I don't enjoy it generally. This added aloofness detracts from some of that expected Fe-warmth. It's there, in its own way.
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    Infinite Bubble


    I'm not an insane future serial killer or evil overlord. I am nice to people on default. Te doesn't stop procrastination either.

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    I've never willingly chosen to play sports or enter martial arts. I have a lot of emotions. That's about all I've got.

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    I am not super animated, touchy feely, idealistic. I am usually pretty good about not pushing social norms/values onto others.

    If I am e3, I am really relaxed and don't focus too much on the image I am projecting. If I am e9, I am fairly anxious, blunt, not happy go lucky. If I am e6, I don't really prepare ahead of time or very prepared for things, I am not sold on a particular authority, I am not that phobic or counterphobic... I am a mix.

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    I've had people type me as INFP because I'm more sensitive and emotional than would be expected.

    I've had people type me as ISFJ because I've got a well developed Si function and because I care about what others think (Fe)

    I've had people type me as INTJ because I have some qualities that are J like- I care about being efficient and getting things done. I'm pretty neat and organized.
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    Good thread idea.

    Can't believe it hasn't been done.

    The one addendum i would make is that these are not ways in which I'm not like my type, but ways in which I'm not like the stereotypes about my type.

    [will fill in later... its
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    I think I'm heavier on the Fi than most ENFPs. Less lighthearted, more intense and perhaps too ethics oriented. Meanwhile, I make the conscious decision to leash my Ne, at least in public, in order not to feel like I'm just bouncing all over the place, though I am capable of it. Im also less familiar with my Te than most ENFPs who actually get busy to achieve something. Mine's kind of caged in a box in the basement

    I'm more hesitant when it comes to competition and raw bluntness, always thinking about the consequences and conflict. I especially filter raw knee-jerk reactions (or try to), in order not to just act from my perspective, but give myself the chance to see all angles. I second guess myself that way a lot, I guess...It is my way to keep me from going back and forth on my opinion to process the information and be consistent in my stance on a subject. And I'm probably less creative and 'fun' than the average enfp due to all of this, as they tend not to be bogged down by this stuff and just follow their gut.

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    Interesting topic, though I think it has been done before.

    I'm athletic (hockey, in particular may seem like a sport that INFPs wouldn't be interested in). And I lift weights regularly.

    I'm not really looking for a "soul mate" anymore, as stereotypes seem to suggest. I suppose I could come across as an ENFP in that I flirt with a lot of women and am not really looking for an exclusive relationship right now. And I like to be around people, even if I'm just reading/writing alone at Starbucks; but I'm definitely more introverted than extroverted.

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