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    The thing is that when I think of it I tried almost every kind of sport at school, our physical education classes were pretty full of variety on that score, although I hated them to be truthful and I also played other sports at a local youth club and those were fun too but usually spoiled by someone choosing it as a channel for aggression or excuse for a fight (I recall one fantastic game of puc hockey being played for a long time until someone decided to play a fly puc and hit me in the face/eye with it, the whole game was called off from that point and it was a shame because the same people responsible for the whole thing complained about being bored then).

    I've been thinking about trying other sports more recently, in order to vary my fitness routine beyond going to the gym, and I cant really think of much. Like a lot of other things I think there's more opportunity for it when you're younger.
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    As a child I used to be in a general sports club, later in table tennis and swimming (thanks to my parents). I also tried football (soccer) for short time. At school I obviously had to do one million other things that I cannnot even remember all anymore.

    The only sports that I liked (=!= being good at it) at least a bit were football, dodge ball and badminton. The rest I hated.

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    I have no idea what we did in PE class, but outside of that I have played/done:

    Dance 12yr
    Basketball 6yr
    Lacrosse 4yr
    Track (hurdles) 3yr
    Field Hockey 8yr (starting up again with that!)
    Soccer as a kid and now occasionally for mixed rec club teams that need women

    I like team sports a lot. Lots of excitement and dynamics. I usually play defense or in the midfield.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pseudo View Post
    Soccer - like 17 year now. Rec, highschool adult league
    Lacrosse- one season, women's lacrosse blows
    Rowing-a season, liked it but moved from the river
    Swimming-as a kid and a little in middle school
    Yoga- 5 year on and off, really want to do more
    Rollerblading- 5 years, my to to sport now probably 1-3 times a week
    Tae main Dow and ballet as kid. Loved the tae Keon do but we stopped for some reason maybe because our dojo got shot up is a drive by

    I like fast paced team sports and more "zen" solo excercise.
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    Oh, I have tried many sports, although more like professionally-ish I do sailing. I have spent all my life on the yachts and now it has been about 7 years I have been going to the sailing competitions. I also just adore football (old good typical English footie), biking, ice skating (in my teenage I wanted to play ice hockey, lol), skiing, basketball and tennis.

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