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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmail! View Post
    Consumerism is a disease of the current modern capitalist world.
    To speak like a situationist, the more you consume (and we're knowingly manipulated to consume everyday), the less you're able to understand your own life and real desires.
    Consume, be silent and die.

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    And indeed, when the candle is consumed, the story usually ends.
    "A man who only drinks water has a secret to hide from his fellow-men" -Baudelaire

    7w8 SCUxI

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    Hmmm...not uncomfortable but I make sure I research before I buy in most cases. I have no issue spending money on quality, even a little more money. I don't freak out when I see my shopping cart really full but I plan my shopping trips, menus and such so there is minimal impulse buying.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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    Not really. I enjoy researching and weighing pros and cons. And that leaves style and taste choices that I find easy to make.

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    I enjoy shopping and indulging myself actually, however I will rarely spend money I still need or dont have. I also keep my expenses really low coz I do not enjoy the process of making money, so I live a rather..bohemian low-cost lifestyle where I use things for purposes they were not originally intended for in order to not have to research, buy and store the thing that actually is normally used for it.

    The few things that I do relish buying, I research at length. For that matter, I <3 windowshopping. Just the idea of the item and all the options it presents, and all the other options out there. I have no problem not buying the thing, unless I actually have a concrete purpose for it. I used to buy it coz of the fantasy I had about it, but ive come back from that since Ive had to clear out my closets a few times when we were moving and you just end up going..welll, its pretty, but I dont really have a need for it and its just taking up space.

    I mostly buy items though for projects Im working on. I have a bunch of jewelry supplies to make jewelry with, I have a *ton* of books on the subjects Im studying, and I have an expansive make-up collection coz I love dabbling with colours. But my wardrobe is like made up of a dress for every day of the week, plus some sweaters and T-shirts to wear over them when it gets colder. And thats it.

    I am however willing to spend money on an 'experience'. While I can be very conscious about shopping at the supermarket and how to make the most of the items I buy there, I very much enjoy going out to dinner and dont sweat the cost coz to me the setting, experience and fact that I dont have to cook or clean up myself is worth that extra money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    Sometimes I like something and can afford it but I don't "$50 like it" (or $100 or whatever). It can feel like a waste to spend more on something than you value or need it. I've spent months going back to a music shop over and over, looking at a CD I want, but not buying it because it costs maybe $5 more than I want to spend on it. It's really stupid. I've never actually bought a car or a mobile; I just use hand-me-downs from other people. I'd really like a nice fancy car or phone but I don't want it bad enough to spend money on that.
    Yeah, I know that feeling. I keep coming back to buy it, but then I don't, knowing it isn't worth that much to me to justify the purchase. Or something that looks tempting, but I can foresee that I'll rarely ever use it...I can see that there'll be no good pay-off, and try to keep that in mind.

    But in general, no, I don't feel bad about buying things. Feel very neutral about it, just decide whether it's necessary or useful to buy something.
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    I don't have any money troubles. I don't spend more than I need to, not even close, and I live a very thrifty life style. I buy clothing from the thrift shop, I fix my own car, I don't eat out much. There is a thread here on typc 'post your recent purchase' or something along those lines, and I realized that aside from food and gas, I hadn't bought anything in months - I went through my bank statements, and I had a couple of drawstring bags and a bottle of chainsaw lubricant for about 4 months.

    Otherwise, before that the rest was car parts and tools, which is pretty much the only thing I do spend money on. I bought a pretty nice 3/8 drive US made torque wrench for about $90-100. Just lately I bought a ultrasonic cleaner - which is close to paying for itself. I bought some more tools from a private seller. And I'm on ebay and amazon now and I've realized i've put entirely too much thought into what I'm buying. It's taken me days to just press "buy". I could easily drop 300 bucks and it wouldn't effect anything, but I'm still really hesitant.

    Perhaps I have good reasons why I do this, but: does anyone else find it difficult to buy things?
    Yeeeees I do.

    I get more joy from saving money than spending it. It's like a sickness.

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    Mottainai. This is a word that pops into my head often. One thing that makes it pop into my head is purchasing something I don't think I'll fully use.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

    INTP. Type 1>6>5. sx/sp.
    Live and let live will just amount to might makes right

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    I just don't care about new stuff. I still wear clothes from years ago, and will be wearing them until they rip. I think I'm allergic to shopping for new stuff.

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    Nope! In fact I seem to be at times a little too comfortable buying things.

    What makes me uncomfortable is sales people. When they approach me I just want to run right out of the store. LEAVE ME ALONE, DANGIT!

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